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    head light for my TTR 125?

    if you are at all electronically inclined you could make one probably cheaper than buying. this is just a shot in the dark here, maybe get a light assembly, wire it up to a battery, and just make a basket that hangs from your bars so you can take it off and one with ease.....i dunno just a thought?

    Sticker residue removal

    Theres this stuff called Nylon Spotter. We used it at the car dealership in detail, it takes off anything. It just breaks down the adhesive, but it also takes smudges out of interiors and other things. I love that stuff.

    Where to do Harescramble's in PA.

    R & D in Bentlyville ( washington PA) has a harescrable. I will be there on sunday to ride the track, I will let you know what I find out.

    Anyone else have issues with Yamaha bolts?

    Def a good point there, but someone who isn't smart could really F the bike up trying to get ruined bolt off. And I know if they can't get it off they shouldn't be working on the bike, but you can't put anything past people.

    Anyone else have issues with Yamaha bolts?

    I don't know what it was. Of the 4 bolts I took out, 2 of them were crap. Oh well can't win them all.
  6. I put on my frame cradle today, and the fit wasnt the problem. The bolt that connects the back bottom of the motor to the frame is a piece of crap. I had the same issued with the middle bolt of the exhasut. The heads just stripped on me. They are like butter. I ended up taking the dremel to them and grinding the head off and pounding the bolt through. Was it just me or do they suck?

    What is on your TTR?

    Just got the bike and got laid off, and unemployment checks aren;t big enough to pay for parts so I have been taking it slow....but Moose shifter Pro Taper SE bars BBR air filter BBR frame cradle Re jetted Pipe is on the way either bbr or two brothers we'll see.

    Has the 125 changed over the years?

    well i posted that because Pro Cycle has the frame cradle for $159, compared to the 240 that everyone else has it for, I called today and he said it will fit so i ordered it ( it said it was for up to 2003) Just wanted you guys to know they have a few left still at that better price.

    Has the 125 changed over the years?

    I found an old frame cradle that says it fits up to the 2003, I have an 06 will it still fit?
  10. UDARMY

    How do you know?

    So this might be a dumb question, but how do I know if my bike is running lean or rich? The dealer said they come running lean... I was going to mod the airbox, and I know I need to rejet and all that, but if its running lean and I mod the box will that compensate for not rejetting right away?
  11. UDARMY

    BBK process

    When I said head, i meant cylinder. If I was going to do this, would I still have to get the gaskets, and all that? What is a better cam to get? Thanks for all the help guys.
  12. UDARMY

    BBK process

    Doesnt sound like a bad idea, it would be a lot cheaper that route too. Is a cam and piston sufficient for that job? So, machine it out, get the piston and cam, what else do I need to have the same effect?
  13. UDARMY

    BBK process

    Ok here's the deal I wasn't thinking at all. I was thinkign about getting the came and the piston from the kit, and using that til i get around to buying the rest of the stuff. I realized the piston is worthless without the cylinder. But that brings up another question: I know the BBr one is bigger to allow for the piston, but are there any differences from stock? Is it stonger or anything? I have acess to a machine shop, would it be any different to have it machined out and then just buy the other parts?
  14. UDARMY

    BBK process

    Here's the deal. I want to do some motor work to the 125L and have a ?. I know the BBR kit comes with all the shit, whatever. Is it possible to start out with a new cam and piston, and then eventually buy the head and stuff? I want some more power, but in terms of money, I'm more worried about paying off the bike first. What do you think, is it wise? or just a waste of money in the long run?
  15. UDARMY

    Moving to Pittsburgh need help

    I don't get out to monroville that much, its nice though. It's a busy place though, South Hills is much slower and more family oriented in my opinion.