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  1. Dennis'_WR426

    Selling 2001 WR426

    As much as I hate to, I must sell my bike. It is a 2001 WR426 with maybe 100 miles on it. The bike has never hit the ground. Has OEM bars that are straight. E-Mail me for details at gagnonde@home.com. The bike is in Southeast Michigan, 10 miles south of Detroit. It also has a Michigan street title. Other goodies. Asking price is $ 4950. Thanks, Dennis
  2. Dennis'_WR426

    New Format

    Bryan, Bill whom it may concern. The new format is alot freindlier on the eyes on this end. This is cool! Thanks, Dennis
  3. Dennis'_WR426

    Bike is to slow now...

    The throttle stop is next. Dennis
  4. Dennis'_WR426

    Bike is to slow now...

    I am in Southeast Michigan, between Detroit and Monroe. I may try to empty the tank or " run the piss" out of it. Any other suggestions wouldn't hurt!!!! Dennis
  5. Dennis'_WR426

    Bike is to slow now...

    Well I have changed the oil alot. The first time was after 20 miles, then after every ride. The bike has no mods but I noticed that if I twist the wick all the way it just doesn't pull like it used to. It doesn;t have crap for miles on it. Now that I think of it the fuel in it is a little old, lets say a month or so. Thats about all I can think of that I have done... Please advise Dennis
  6. Dennis'_WR426

    Bike is to slow now...

    Yes thats what I said. It just doesn't seem as fast as it was. It's a 2001 WR with maybe 150 miles on the clock. Any suggestions? Dennis
  7. Dennis'_WR426

    Stop screwed

    Sooooooooooo does anyone know the correct part number? Dennis
  8. Dennis'_WR426

    Update: Sitting no Start

    Stupid me. After kicking my head off, I forgot to pull the choke. After I did that 2 kicks and off I go. I hope the Yamaha mortals on the site forgive me. Dennis
  9. Dennis'_WR426

    No Start after long sit

    Hey guys it's me Dennis. Haven't been on for awhile. Anyway the WR has been sitting for about a month. I never drained the gas out of it, but it was only a month old or so. I kicked the damn thing until the cows came home and no start. Being 100 degrees here in Michigan you can tell I was ticked after the experience. Any ideas getting this beast back to life? Anything would help. I don't want to play with a bunch of crap, it's hotter than hell in my garage!!! Thanx, Dennis
  10. Dennis'_WR426

    Need more traction!!!

    I gas it threw the sand. Seem sto work well with the stock meats that came with the machine. Dennis
  11. Dennis'_WR426

    Lube Warning !

    As far as I know Yamaha has been doing this since "98". My YZ 400 had min. amount on it. When I just got my WR426 this year, someone told me to grease it up. They were rite!!!! Dennis Again thanks Hick, if you remember?
  12. Dennis'_WR426

    Power Washers

    My opinion, I wouldn't use a power washer on the bike. Invest in some Simple-Green. This stuff works great. I use it all the time on my WR. Besides you won't wash all the grease from the bearings using a regular hose and Simple-Green. My 2 cents. Dennis
  13. Dennis'_WR426

    Any older 426 riders ?

    It's funny if you think about it. Alot of people can't enjoy anything when there younger because they can't afford it. Now that you can afford it you may be to old to enjoy it! But I don't care how old I get I'm going to enjoy it if it kills me. Dennis
  14. Dennis'_WR426

    Any older 426 riders ?

    41 here
  15. Dennis'_WR426

    Spark Plug Access

    I never tried to use that crappy plug wrench or tried to remove the plug without removing seat and tank. I own a 01 WR426. It really doesn't take that long to remove that stuff. Besides you may want to use some air before removing the plug to get the water and crap out of there. My 2 cents Dennis