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  1. cldelaud

    kenda tires

    has anyone tried the kenda K761 tires? 2002 KLR 650
  2. cldelaud

    rear sprocket

    thanks jkm712, that is the sprocket I have now. wish I had it at first, was geared like a tractor.
  3. I really want to order a rear sprocket BEFORE bike gets here. somebody has switched rear sprocket on DISC brake GY200 by now, just need PN# I want 46to49teeth. thanks
  4. cldelaud

    Dualsport occupations

    offset press operator, 5 /8s cldelaud 02 honda919 00 suzuki 805 volusia 06 gy 200
  5. no one has changed rear sprocket on disc brake jetmoto gy 200?????????? I am really surprised. my question was, is drum sprocket same as disc? my china special is to arrive friday, i was hoping to have 49 tooth sprocket on assembly.
  6. cldelaud

    jet moto

    I have read that new GY200 with rear disc brakes, take a diff., rear sprocket than drum brakes. Is this correct? If it is, what sprocket works? I want 46-49 tooth. Thanks cldelaud
  7. do the old honda xl rear sprockets work on disc brake gy 200???? what scorpion can ,are you guys using? stock jetting ok w/foam filter/scorpion{or gutted}can? 3000feet