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  1. Hurricane971

    Washington Plate/Registration question

    Friend has a 05' SMR, talked w/ every DOL in Wenatchee area about renewing tabs in 07' and 08'. Wenatchee area was very lax in changing bikes from dirt to street, WA registration w/ ID plate no prob.. = WA plated. Friend w/SMR was told by several DOL that Olympia is going to start back tracking all VIN# and bikes that are dirt designated will not get new tabs (KTM, Husq, ect). Do bikes bought in a foreign countries mark their registration:excuseme: , "dirt only"?
  2. Hurricane971

    Considering the desert 100 in Odessa -need tips

    After you race the Desert 100 you'll have memories that will last all year and longer. I've been riding and racing since I was little, and the Desert 100 is at the top of the list in fun. I'm 40 and in mild shape, (taken many beat'ins in my life) and I was more sore the next day than I have every been in my life. I am going to do it again, but I am going to be in a little better shape. Crazy crowd, but very coool race. I've got video on my helmet cam of a guy at the start hitting something and endoing hard. Then on my DRZ400S I do the same thing about 10mi. into the race. All on film. Hit two rocks in a row going about 40. I got a sweet plaque for about 26th in my class. This year bike will be a 07' KTM 450 exc. I love this event.
  3. Hurricane971

    helmet cam thread #2

    helmetcamera.com I used it in a 3 1/2 hr. desert race and bit it hard at about 40mph.. Camera works perfect. I used this thing for 3 years no problem what so ever. This guy who runs this knows his stuff. He backs his stuff too. I'm buying one for my nephew this christmas. The software on my pc is jacked up otherwise I would send you some clips, but a clip on his site that shows exactly how it looks. I live in the WA state and run into guys out in the woods who I don't even know and they have this same set up.
  4. Hurricane971

    Why do people hate Mike Alessi?

    After one of the times Villipoto takes out Allessi, Villipoto says something about the things that Mike A. has done to him in the past and that what goes around comes around. A few years ago I had heard that through the mini ranks the Allessi were pretty confrontational in the mini class. Heard little Allessi did alot of take outs. I can understand block passing, but I heard Mike was a little more dirty. Also heard his dad used to give the Villipoto camp alot of grief in the mini's. Have you ever heard "your child reaps what you sow"? Believe me Mike A. knows how important a good image is when it comes to making money in this sport. I think thats why he's trying to look like a good sport about things.
  5. 05' KTM street legal with license plate, anybody hear of problems transfering the license plate after sale to the buyer? I assume the sellers title says "CYC" on it, I still have to check.---------I read a thread about California is sending out notice to motorcyclist and telling them that they have a illegal plated bike and they have to give up the plate. Anybody know of anything like this happening in WA?
  6. Hurricane971

    CRF450R and CRF450X Differences

    I have a 06' 450X for sale. I know this is not where to post a for sale bike, I just have not advertised yet. Less than 2 hrs.. "Trick Dualsport lighting kit" UFO headlight w/intergrated blinkers and rear blinkers.
  7. Hurricane971

    Difference between the 05 & 06

    They supposedly tilted the engine forward. The countershaft stays in the same position, but the crankshaft gets lowered 5mm, "via tilting of the engine". I read this was done to lower the centrifigul force and to give the front end a better bite in the turns. Radiators mounted 5mm lower too. I own a 06' and it so sweet, but I read all this in Cycle News 6/29/05. They claim these changes and some others to the subframe and the water pump impeller, something about shortening the fork tubes to reduce weight but they say you can't run a 20in. front wheel. Other changes listed but these were the most significant. Anyone want a dualsport lighting kit for a 06' CRF450X? Light Name is "Trick Dualsport" Used on two rides, very clean simple system, UFO headlight w/blinkers, rear blinkers and reartail light. $450. Friend has Baja Design setup. Mine is much more cleaner and apparently it won a 24hr. test of dualsport lights in Motocross Action last year. I don't know if thats true but this is very nice system.
  8. Heard FMF was good. Had Yoshi on DRZ.