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  1. TNYZ450Rider

    First Ride Pics and Carb Issues

    Well I think you would be correct. I finally got over the flu non-sense and got to do a few short testing sessions. Long story short, after making only one change, the idle problem is gone and no bog. Bike is running great...for now at least. We will see how it plays out with some larger temp changes come in the spring. Only change was the fuel screw. Simply went three turns out (as oppossed to two) and it fixed it. That is good news for me, because it takes some of the guess work out. At least now I know what I will need to do if it starts to mess up at much warmer temps. If more changes become required, I think the next thing will be to go with an even bigger pilot jet, then go back in on the fuel screw, and use that for minor tweaks. Anyway, there you have it...what works for me. Hope this helps. Regards G. Meteorologist
  2. TNYZ450Rider

    First Ride Pics and Carb Issues

    Well I had my resident expert make some changes to try and fix this problem. Not sure the outcome yet, as I have been too sick to test it. But I will report back on exactly what he did and how the bike ran. I just have to get over this god awful flu first. Regards, G. Lab Rat
  3. TNYZ450Rider

    First Ride Pics and Carb Issues

    You maybe right...I am going to check that, but I would not have thought the idle screw would cause this because it is not like that all the time. Sometimes I can get it to idle right which makes me think the idle scew is set right. It just seems that if the idle screw was set in to far, it would never idle down low enough. But it sometimes will. See this is what I hate about carb tuning...for me it always seems to be a hit and miss deal...and more times than not I seem to miss. Regards, G. Sharp Shooter
  4. TNYZ450Rider

    First Ride Pics and Carb Issues

    Well I took my daughters brand new 150R out today for some dad ride time. I bought it a few weeks ago and it had never even been ridden...except for maybe 15 seconds in the yard. I wouldn't let my daughter have it yet till I finished fixing it up a little bit for her. Anyway, below are a couple of pics but I also had some "first day" issues I need to get worked out and was just wondering if anyone had any ideas. I put a Pro Circuit Ti-4 GP system on it. That along with the dreaded bog and difficulty to start, I re-jetted right off the bat. Also did the accelerator pump cover mod, but did NOT wire the accelerator pump linkage. Temp today was about 55-60 F. Elevation is between 300-350. Here is what I am running: 140 Main 45 Pilot 50 Leak 3rd clip on the Needle 2 Turns out on the fuel screw The above settings are kinda a combo between what people here seem to like and what Pro Circuit recommends. Bike ran great. No bog, no popping and back firing on decel, started first or second kick, no missing, cutting, popping or any ill behavior in the low, mid, and high rpms. BUT, here is the problem. When it is at idle, if you wack the throttle it revs then comes back down but not all the way. It stays at an elevated idle. If you REALLY rev it up good it would finally come back down. Also, while at normal idle (when I could get it there) if I pulled the hot start it would idle up and upon releasing the hot start it would stay at the previously mentioned elevated idle. I checked the hot start free play and the throttle free play. Neither is sticking and the hot start is not too tight and being help open. Anyway, just wondering if anyone might have some ideas that could save me all the time troubleshooting. Here are some pics. Regards, G. Shade Tree Mechanic
  5. TNYZ450Rider

    Quick Front Fork Question

    I was reading the manual for my 2006 KX250F in preparation for making some clicker changes. Here is what I have discovered. Either I am confused, or the manual SUCKS!!! So, my question: The top clicker just below the bars is for...???? Compression right? It even says COMP right there. And of course the one on the bottom of the fork is reboung right? At least that is what I have learned from my reading. BUT, the stupid manual is VERY confusing. If anyone has it, look at the first two pages in Suspension section...it starts out with "Air Pressure". Anyway, the very next page starts with "Compression Damping Adjustment" (page 13-10). There is a picture denoted with an "A", and the bullet points proceed to tell you how to adjust compression damping...but its saying to do this from the clickers on the BOTTOM of the fork. I thought compression was on TOP. I have read numerous aftermarket suspension websites...for example, tootechracing.com, Factory Connection and others...and they show the compression adjustment on TOP. What is the deal with the service manual and those directions? And for that matter, can someone tell me once and for all, which is which on the forks with regard to compression and rebound adjustments? Thanks so much and sorry for the noob question...but conflicting info can turn you into a noob really fast. Regards.
  6. TNYZ450Rider

    Pro Circuit Exhaust Question

    Just a quick question on opinions... I am picking up a new full exhaust system and was wondering...is the Ti4 GP Low Boy the best one PC has out? Or are there those of you who prefer the older (I guess) Ti4 Titanium Full System. I guess I am just trying to find out the difference between the two systems. Thanks. Regards.
  7. TNYZ450Rider

    Case Saver Question

    Well I took some pics but I am not smart enough to know how to post them I don't guess. Anyway, so I went and looked at the thread on pics of everyone's bikes and from my comparisons, I think I am okay. It looks almost identical to at least one photo I saw. So if I am screwed up...at least one other guy out there is too!!! :-) Thanks for the help. Regards.
  8. TNYZ450Rider

    Case Saver Question

    I put on a Moose case saver today on my 2006 KX250F and quick question. The thing is REALLY close to the chain...does not touch but dang its CLOSE!! Not really sure what will happen under a load on the chain and sprocket. It showed on the packaging to be for the 06 250F so I don't think its the wrong part or anything. Is that normal? I don't want my "case saver" to turn into a chain/case destoyer!!! Thanks so much. Regards.
  9. TNYZ450Rider

    New Bike Advice...HELP

    Well I sold my 2006 YZ450F as I want to take a step back and not have my arems torn from my shoulders so often. I am looking for an 06 250F. I realize this is the Kawi forum, but I was hoping for some honest real world opinions. I am looking at three bikes. The YZ, KX, and even glancing at the Honda. They each seem to be priced close enough for me to deal with it, so...... Any no kidding real world opinions on which I should get. Since I sold my 450F, I got the cash and am certainly getting something...just want to make sure I get the best bang for the buck. Oh yea, about me.....I would say I am an intermediate rider, vertically challenged (5'6"), and about 160 lbs. So I am also making the comparisons based somewhat on seat height, weight, and overall comfort/feel of the bike for my size. 99 percent riding MX tracks and supercross style tracks. Any help would be GREATLY appreciated before I go plunk down 5 grand plus!!! Regards.
  10. TNYZ450Rider

    How much did you pay for your 2006 YZ450F

    Yea I second that on Abernathy in Union City Tennessee. I talked to them but actually got mine in Memphis Tennessee for $5999 OTD. Just a few bucks more and saved me the 1.5 hour dirve. Lake Hill Motors in Corinth Mississippi also is the same price...or within 10 bucks. Definately the best prices I have seen in this thread. Regards.
  11. TNYZ450Rider

    Fork slide in clamps?

    I have an 06 and I want to slide the forks up in the clamp. I read where everyone says slide it to the first line...but I am not sure about the whole first line thing. How far can I slide them up? Can I slide them all the way till they almost hit the handle bars or does it need to be less. Does it matter if I slide them past the smooth area on the fork tubes? I can see the smooth area on the tubes and of course above and below the smooth area is where the real tiny grooves start. Also, on the top part of the fork tube (towards the lower side of the top clamp) there is a tapered area on the fork tube. I just need to know if I can slide up more (till just below the handle bars) or if I need to stay in the smooth lower and tapered upper area. I realize I am gonna loose some stability at high speeds, but I am not really a speed demon on the track anyway. I needed to get this thing to a little more managed height for my vertically challenged self, so I ordered the lowering link from Mountain Motor Sports (great people by the way...ordered it on FRI and arrived on MON) and I need to try and match up the height in the front after lowering the back/seat height. How much can I slide???? Help!!!! Regards.
  12. TNYZ450Rider

    Seat Height Comparison

    Quick question: I was looking at the specs on the repsective websites for the KX250F and the YZ250F. The KX shows the seat height to be almost an inch (.9) shorter than the YZ250F. Anyone sat on/rode both can comment? Also, I also read somewhere that the different manufacturers measure seat height at different points. Anyone know where the KX is measured from and where the YZ is measured from? Regards.
  13. TNYZ450Rider

    Need a voice of experience, HELP!!

    Thanks so much to everyone for all the advice. I took the advice of several of you and shaved the seat down about 1.5 inches or so. I also set the sag. Feels much much better. In fact, the first day I rode it after the changes, my wife said I seemed to be riding a totally different bike. I was way more comfortable. Also, I really appreciate the encouragement from all those who said to keep the bike and give it time. I was starting to get a little bummed out at the thought of selling it, and I am feeling much better now. I also did some riding the other day doing exactly what one member sugggested...one gear higher. I was surprised. It felt better than I would have expected. Once I got used to the RPM being lower, the bike actually performed really well. Things seem to be getting better with each ride. Again, thanks so much to all who took the time to help out a new member. Regards.
  14. Well I am BRAND new to the forum. Wealth of knowledge here, thanks so much to everyone who contributes...its great. Well here is my problem. And I know I will probably get bashed a little, but its okay...I actually probably deserve it. I just got an 06 YZ450F. Sadly enough its got literally an hour on it. You guys knows what coming right??? This crazy thing is too much for me!!! Big surprise right? So I need to find something that I can actually enjoy riding the track on instead of hanging on for dear life. Okay, two things that I think are getting to me on the 450. First, i am vertically challenged, so the seat height thing makes me less confident I think. Second, believe it or not, POWER!! I am thinking its got too freakin much for me (can't believe I am actually saying that, but its either admit it or get more medical insurance). I am thinking I should be on a 250F. I would say my skill level is not beginner, but maybe intermediate. So here is my question. What would you say about the power difference (feel) between the 450 and 250? Say mayabe 60 percent, 75 percent? I was hoping someone could give me a good description/comparison between the two. Any advise from you more experienced folks? Oh and I know the height thing won't be much different, but I think I am going to have to modify it either way. I am just thinking the combination of too much power and too much height are the sum of my problem. Thanks so much for any help. Regards.