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  1. mydogfarted

    Larger pilot jet?

    I thought it was for the FCR-39 also? I must have mis-read on of the FCR modding threads.
  2. mydogfarted

    Larger pilot jet?

    I have an '03 E model that I can barely get to idle. It runs like Richard Pryor on fire when I'm riding it, but it just won't idle. I've taken the jets out and cleaned them and sprayed the carb down heavily with cleaner, so I'm not going with blocked pilot, and it runs when choked. Mods: airbox snorkel removal Athena big bore kit ("thick" gasket) JD Jet kit pilot air jet removed fuel screw 3.5 turns out stock exhaust with baffle removed/billet endcap installed. I'm still using the stock pilot jet (25?) and I have the idle screw (black knob) turned all the way in. Do I bump it up? It will rough idle for a few seconds and die, and on decel it pops like crazy.
  3. mydogfarted

    Making DRZ 400 kick street legal

    I picked up a Baja Designs kit and a DRZ-SM frame on eBay.
  4. mydogfarted

    fuel screwed?

    I pulled the pilot jet and it wasn't clogged, unless there is something clogged deeper in the carb.
  5. mydogfarted

    fuel screwed?

    I noticed my fuel screw was 3.5 turns out while I was taking my carb apart to clean the pilot jet. I've been having a problem with my bike not idling without the choke. Could this be my problem?
  6. mydogfarted

    Anybody got an extra kickstand?

    Definitely try and get one for a DRZ SM. Made a huge difference for me when I converted my DRZ-E to SM.
  7. mydogfarted

    Pictures of installed EBC 320MM front rotor and mirror mod

    I'm going to get flamed for this, but pick up a set of Honda's HH MX racing pads for your bike (yes, Honda makes race pads for Suzukis). They work far better than even EBC's HH pads with this rotor. I have the same setup on my '03 DRZ-E and it bites HARD.
  8. mydogfarted

    SM rear wheel wobble

    Is the wheel aligned properly? "Looked straight"? Did you try spinning the wheel holding a pen/pencil/straw close to the rim and see if it is actually warped? How loose were the spokes? How many were loose?
  9. mydogfarted

    Won't idle without choke

    I've got an '03 DRZ-E. I did an Athena big bore conversion and installed a JD jet kit. It runs, but won't idle unless I keep it choked. I've tried spraying carb cleaner around the intake and around the head checking for an airleak. What else should I check? Bike runs like an animal otherwise - it just won't idle. Burned, if you get this, what should my baseline jetting be? I've gone with the 155 main and the EMN needle clip on 3rd. Bike has airbox top plug removed and a stock exhaust with end plug removed.
  10. mydogfarted

    Yellow DRZ with some black plastic.

    My '03 DRZ-E:
  11. mydogfarted

    DRZ400E acerbis plastic kit question.

    e-mail acerbis or the seller.
  12. mydogfarted

    drz400 plastic??

    They absolutely do make shrouds. I got a set of Acerbis shrouds in black on my DRZ-E
  13. mydogfarted

    DRZ pics, lets see your Z

    '03 DRZ400E Need new pics with the Baja Designs kit installed.
  14. mydogfarted

    Yall are gonna like this

    Yup... picked mine up at a toy store. Toys R Us or Kaybee... I don't remember.
  15. mydogfarted

    drz400sm braking solutions

    I may get hung for saying this, but I'm running an EBC 320mm with Honda's MX Racing pads (E model converted to SM). Yeah, I know what you're thinking... Honda pads on a Suzuki? The parts guy at my dealer recommended I try them when I asked for the EBC pads, knowing most of my DR-Z's time would be on an SM track. Pads grip like crazy and I don't get any fade on the street - and I'm using the stock brake line and regular old Castrol LMA brake fluid.