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    are my fork seals messed up??

    Yes, your fork seals are messed up. If they are leaking at all they need to be replaced. When they leak you lose oil from the forks and they will not work properly. You forks should be torn apart and all the seals should be replaced along with new oil.
  2. What was your reason for putting the jets in. I have an 06 YZ250F and I put a pro circuit t-4 silencer and my jetting specs were 180 main 45 pilot and 65 leak jet with mixture screw 2 turns out and ever thing else stock. My bike runs perfect. What you need to find out is if the bike is running lean or rich. What most people don't realize is that the smaller number leak jet you put in it will actually make you accelerator pump squirt become richer.
  3. The problem that you are having with your clutch is not that it is not engaged it is that it is not fully disengaged. Your clutch is dragging. When the clutch is pulled in it allows the clutch plates to separate from each other so power does not flow from the engine to the trans. Their is one thing you should check first and that is the adjustment of you clutch cable. If that doesn't fix it then their are two things that could be wrong. Either you have warped clutch plates(from heat) that need to be replaced or you will have notches in the fingers of the clutch basket or sometimes the hub(from slamming out the clutch) which keeps the plates from separating. Either way you are probably going to need a new clutch pack and maybe a basket and hub. You should pull the cover off and check it first.
  4. I put just a Pro circuit t-4 slip on, and correctly jetted the carb to pro circuits specs and felt tremendous gains in power. I was very surprised with the results.