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  1. Taking my YZ 250F for president's Day weekend. Is there very much difference between a 6 and an 8 and which do you recommend?
  2. bodog 24

    3 days in sand, now I need a full rebuild

    Is this also an issue on the 06 YZ250F?
  3. bodog 24

    Dunes/Paddle Tire

    Rob, which dunes did you ride and what brand and size paddle did you run. Heading to Dumont for President's Day weekend with my YZ250F. Thanks.
  4. bodog 24

    Whip placement

    Where do you mount your whip on your bike when dune riding?
  5. Which Rampage do you have and what are you pulling it with?
  6. bodog 24

    Pismo on Saturday/Sunday

    Not exactly on topic but I figure you're an experienced dune rider and would know. Is it easier to ride the dunes at Dumont than in Pismo? I would think Dumont would be easier because it's not 100% sand. Thinking of bringing my bike instead of quad to Dumont on President's Day weekend. It's only a 250F and I would definitely get a paddle first. Not trying to hi-jack your thread. Thanks.
  7. We bought a 25' tow behing 1 1/2 years ago and like you said, have outgrown it. I looked at a FA 3405 today and liked it. It has one slide and alot more cargo room than the FA 3005. Can you let me know how much you paid out the door for it, pm me if you want. Thanks.
  8. bodog 24

    Quads are unsafe....

    Let's see....getting loaded and riding through an alley at night with two other people on the same quad, I think I see the problem.
  9. I'm looking at possibly upgrading to a 5th wheel and would like to hear opinions on these two. Thanks.
  10. bodog 24

    Dumont for President's Day

    Thanks. Yup, camping with a huge group of people. Went last year but was riding a YFZ 450 quad. Just started riding the dirt bike and it's much funner in my opinion but not sure if I have enough skill to have any fun in the sand.
  11. bodog 24

    Dumont for President's Day

    Thinking of taking my YZ250F. If I put on a rear paddle, do you think the bike has enough power to have a good time? Motor is bone stock.
  12. bodog 24

    Pee Wee tracks Fresno area

  13. bodog 24

    Pee Wee tracks Fresno area

    Looking to take my son to either Tulare or Porterville this weekend. Anyone have an opinion on which would be better choice if either. He's 6 and has a TTR 50. Thanks.
  14. Go Cubbies! Big series right now, game 1 in the bag!!