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    Washington MX track in George, WA?

    I was headed home from Crescent Bar making my way to I-90 from Quincy on highway 281. About a half a mile from I-90 on the right I got a quick look of a track with a dozen or so bikes riding around and at least that many cars/trucks parked there. From the brief glance I saw, it looked like it might be public. I've been that route dozens of times and never noticed it before. Anybody know anything ???
  2. CC rider

    good place to send forks/shocks in Wa

    Les at LT-Racing..... What I really dig about LT is, he's the only guy that works on your stuff. From start to finish, it's all him. If you have a question on anything, he has the answer. Nicest guy in the business too..... And his results speak to themselves!
  3. CC rider

    Washington Got Plates?

    I do, Thanks to Coyote Offroad. I know there are cheaper routes to a plate, but in my case, my very busy work schedule is leaving little for for research, let alone fab time. I decided to give a small local business a shot. Mike and Jerod were great to work with, and very well versed in plating a dirtbike. I dropped my bike off, we went over a game plan, and just over a week later.......Presto! The wiring and componets were installed and everything thing was up tight and right, very sano! I'm stoked!
  4. CC rider

    Keyless Ignition?

    The "X" never came with a keyed ignition. Some guys are retrofitting them while doing a dual sport conversion in order to make their bike compliant to certain states street legal laws. Some X owners take the battery out to save wieght, while others never replace it when it wears out 'cuz they are a little spendy. I would throw a battery in and try it. Remember, there's a safety switch in the clutch lever, it must be pulled in to engage the starter. If you're like me, you will embrace the "magic button" and never go back to a kick-only bike (willingly) It's like my Rekluse - you'll have to pry it from my cold dead fingers!
  5. CC rider

    kouba Link, CRF2 or 3?

    I did some research on the lowering links, and the consensus was that you're going to be far better off in the long run if you're more than a casual rider to get your bike lowered professionally. The links mess with suspension geometery (dropping the rear will effect the front end) and spring rates. If I had to run one, I would definately do the .8" link and shave the seat foam to gain a little more. You'll probably have to crank up the shock preload to get your sags right.
  6. CC rider

    Les Tinius at LT-Racing (LTR) Suspension - Please Pray...

    This is tragic! Les is one of the nicest guys in the m/c community. I looked forward to the hour drive to his shop to drop my suspension off just to bs with the guy for a while. My thoughts and prayers are with Les and his family for a speedy recovery.
  7. CC rider

    Tahuya conditions today?

    I was there Thursday on a shake-down run, had the Sand Hill Pit to myself. I ventured about 4 miles in each direction. the above quote is 100% accurate.
  8. CC rider

    Dirty Poker Run the 17th

    Third that - I talked with an one of the organizers, He said it poured Friday night. That made for great conditions today under partly cloudy skies. Not a dust cloud in sight. Great warm up for Odessa. Nice job Fringe.
  9. CC rider

    Damn! these rad guards are nice.

    I've been bummed since Rooster shut it's doors 'cuz they had a great product. I had them on my first X. I know the Flatlands are good (friend had 'em) and I've read the testimonies on Devol (even though they don't look very stout) I finially bit the bullet and ordered these from Mohard. I hope they fit as good as they look, the quality is outstanding!
  10. CC rider

    Front Brake doesn't work

    Do an advanced search for "front brake bleeding" in the CRF forum of your choice (try the 250-450R too). It's a popular topic and yields alot of good ideas.
  11. CC rider

    Shelton 2-Day Fun Run

    Couldn't agree more (except my soil sample was a bark sample) almost everyone was great about pulling over or letting people around when they realized someone was behind them, quads included (except one d-head on a quad that I idled behind for a mile and when the trail opened up enough to pass he drag raced me to the corner) Great event. The camping area is really nice! Till next year- thanks PSER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  12. CC rider

    Get a rekluse?

    Rekluse Pro Rekluse Pro with an e-start bike
  13. CC rider

    Bike steaming out of left rad

    http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/showthread.php?t=979423 The only time my radiators "steam" is when I start it after I wash it. Maybe you have some residual water in the rad fins.
  14. CC rider

    Forks: damper(?) rod not pushing out

    I think you'll have better luck posting this in the suspension forum.
  15. CC rider

    Fuel Screw (aftermarket)

    I use the Flex-a-jet needle. It's the only one that you can use sitting on your bike, it's easy and works great. The only down side I have heard of but never experienced and I've had 2 is that they can can become stuck. If you're concerned about it, I would either use a touch of anti-seize or give it a twist back and forth every few months.