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  1. Someone definitely needs to get that on there. I was at that race. It was Henry in Vegas in 97.
  2. It's called grass, you fool. You guys are beyond retarded. I can't wait for him to do it again in front of a video camera. this site used to be cool, now thanks to idiots like "hook crf" it is gay sexual.
  3. It's totally fake, this Jason clearly has no talent whatsoever and doesn't even know how to ride. Check out this pic I found of him...
  4. That is clearly photo shopped, based on the varying degrees of megapixle corralation of the flux capacitor. Along with the length of the posi twat cam shaft I have determined that that is photo shopped.
  5. but he didn't land flat, and the bike is still trashed.
  6. You guys are so gay. I'm sure 44 has plenty of time to photoshop about 10 pictures just to try and impress a bunch of people that he doesn't even know and will never meet throughout his entire life.
  7. Explain to me how you came to that conclusion.
  8. sorry but you are an idiot, there is no way you could predict where he is going to land based on one pic. You guys are so stupid, he just wanted to show you a pic that he thought was cool and you have to get all gay about it and say that it's fake because deep down you know that you couldn't clear the jump on a real mx bike.
  9. Look at the telephone pole, he is in almost the exact same spot above the jump. Wow Gale I didn't know you could fly!
  10. Here's another real one.
  11. Whatever you say, man. We'll know the truth once he does it again.
  12. Dude, it's completely real. You guys are just jealous, and as far as zooming in on the pic and it being fuzzy around him, congratulations that's how all photos are. I am surrounded by idiots
  13. The pic is completely real, if you had ever seen the kid ride you would know that it's not photo shopped.