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  1. Rob01

    Need experts help trx 250

    Yes it is a 250ex yes it is the final drive where it meets the engine yes I do have a service manual I am asking if someone else has replaced the boot before and has any words of wisdom before I begin this repair Thanks for your input though, very helpful and infrormative Rob
  2. Rob01

    Honda Need experts help trx 250

    Hey all I picked up another trx 250 for my bro the bike is rough but far from a basket case anyways the cv boot is trashed I have ordered a new one with clamps and screws (don't come with the clamps) what is involved in swapping the boot I was hoping to remove the u joint from the splined shaft pull out the u joint slip the boot and clamps over the tube and then reinstall the u joint and install the new boot will this work? or am I missing something Thanks Rob
  3. Rob01

    Help ... can't find parts anywhere

    It Lives ..... sort of ordered 2 intake valves $60 can, had a local old timer work some magic and repair the head $50, local alloy specializing welding shop repaired hole punched in the piston $40, a couple of nos gaskets and after I found where I had left the key's she fired up third kick .... had to put the bike aside for a while ... picked up a mint 86 trx 125 for my kid had to go through it with a fine tooth comb .... wow amazing shape for it's age anyways the xl will only run with the choke on, wants to stall when the throttle is moved and is backfiring (no air box on the carbs yet). I hope to pull the carbs and clean the pilot jets reassemble with the air box and see what happens any pointers that come to mind would be appreciated is there an easy way to clean / repair the carbs, even getting to the spark plug is a giant pain in the a$$ on this bike Rob
  4. Rob01

    Help ... can't find parts anywhere

    Thankd for the info I had allready emailed them but have had no reply Rob
  5. Rob01

    Help ... can't find parts anywhere

    checked for specs.... nfg wrist pin larger on the xr @ 21mm the xl is listed at 19mm that means removing 2mm from the connecting rod Rob
  6. Rob01

    Help ... can't find parts anywhere

    Thank you all mini s man.... awesome advice "Rob01 most parts will be the exact same as the XR350, or if you replace them with the XR parts you may even get some upgrades. The only thing you have to know is that if you have a twin carb engine you want 83-84 XR350 parts, If you have the Single carb head you want the 85 on XR350 parts." This is the info I needed!! The local dealer lists a piston for the 83-84 xr350 dual carb and it says it is available yet the 85 xl350 comes back as no longer available when ordered is there or has there ever been a listing of known Honda parts that cross reference from one model to another regardless of part number? Rob
  7. Rob01

    Help ... can't find parts anywhere

    Thanks for the input ! I have had little luck with the local dealer and you hit the nail on the head if ya ain't there to buy new they don't care I tried the dealer in a small town 500 km's away adn while they tried they still had no luck Update on bike The head is being looked at by a local old timer as long as the seat on the damaged valve is repairable it will be fixed waiting for info the piston has a hole punched in it from the broken valve getting it tig'd intake valve still on backorder Rob
  8. Rob01

    Help ... can't find parts anywhere

    Thank you for the input !!! I have found a few places that list parts in the US but so far no one in Canada, .... between shipping and the border I would rather buy from someplace on this side the part number shows up everywhere but when I try and order the piston it comes back as no longer available anyone know of any used parts ??? Rob
  9. Hey all I just added another old Honda to my collection 1985 XL 350, the bike is in awesome shape but the motor is trashed. I have been looking for months for either another motor or the parts to fix mine and have had no luck. The existing motor had a broken intake valve punch a hole in the piston and munch the head, I have taken the head to an old timer that can work magic to see if it can be salvaged but it doesn't look good. The piston is no longer available and the intake valve has been on back order for a very long time now so I am asking for help I am looking for a piston and head for ax 85 XL or a complete motor (I am also looking for an 83 xr200 motor but that is another nightmare) If anyone can point me in another direction that I haven't tried yet I would really appreciate it also parts or suppliers from Canada are preferred Thanks in advance Rob
  10. Rob01

    First quad need some help

    Does anyone have a good used cdi for sale in Canada? Rob
  11. Hi All I just picked up my first quad (been a dirt bike guy all my life) The quad is an 86 Honda four trax 250, it is in good shape for it's age but I got a smoking deal on it because it was not running The original owner threw it in with some cash on a trade for a 4x4, the guy I got it from did little more than put a new coil on it because the old one was melted at the terminals he suspected either the cdi or the key switch was bagged I should have it here tomorrow night so I am looking for a heads up as far as the electrical goes, what if any is the best way to test the cdi are there any known electrical problems with these any opinions would really help, clymers is on the way Thanks Rob
  12. Rob01

    Broken exhaust stud

    that is a good idea ! I'll zap that sucker and let you know Thanks Rob
  13. Rob01

    Broken exhaust stud

    Hi all I have an 81 XR 80, one of the exhaust studs has broken off with about 1/4" sticking out from the jug. I have tried everything to get this little sucker out with no luck. I am considering heating the stud and putting small vice grips on it, does that sound OK ? I have soaked it with liquid wrench and tried to remove it both with the bike cold and hot, with no luck should I heat the stud or the area around it ? should I use a heat gun, little propane torch or my oxy torches ? any suggestions ? Thanks Rob
  14. Rob01

    '87 XR100R restore almost complete (Lots of pics)

    Nice work, the XR looks great ! have you totaled the cost of the restore yet? Rob
  15. Rob01

    handlebar question

    I have noticed that the bars on my 77 XR75 are about 6" wider than the bars on my 83 XR80, I wonder did Honda put narrower bars on the bikes or did the past owner replaced the originals does anyone have a used set of older /wider XR bars for sale in Canada ? Thanks Rob