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  1. Here is my 16.... One of the best looking bikes I've had!
  2. Thanks for the input, all... I think I may go with the Pro Circuit clamps, which are 22MM. I like the Xtrigs, but $800 is nuts, plus not a fan of the orange. Ive been replacing allot of parts on the new KX. So, if anyone is interested, I have a bunch of new stock parts to sell (e.g., complete front and rear wheels with tires, exhaust system and clutch lever...).
  3. Thanks... What offset?
  4. Hey there.... Just got a 2015 and I'm dropping some $ on it, and wanted to get mor aggressive clamps to help the steering. I was looking at the pro circuit, ride eng (20 or 21.5), or maybe the xtrigs. Anyone have experience or feedback on these? Thanks in advance
  5. Hey all, I just picked up a 2015 450, and wanted to put a Pro Circuit Ti-6 on there. Has anyone used this pipe? If so did u need to mess with your mapping at all, or did it run fine off stock? Thanks in advance
  6. this is a tough call... I really love the look of the full carbon system, but I would prefer the durability of the Ti system. I guess I need to get me a hour meter for the bike if I go carbon, and hope I dont have any endos...
  7. Hi, I just got the Yosh RS-4D full carbon exhaust system for my 2012 CRF 450, and now am a little worried about the durability of the carbon silencer. Does anyone have any experience with full carbon silencers, and can attest to their durability? I am debating if I want to return it for the ti-system. Any input provided would be much appreciated. Thanks in advance
  8. cool, thanks. Im still waiting on the manual...
  9. Does anyone know how many lbs the clutch hub is supposed to be torqued down on a 2012? Im referring to the main bolt that keeps the hub and basket secured. Thanks
  10. anyone interested in some used, but very condition plastic for a 2008 and up? Im trying to get $30 plus shipping. PM me if you are interested.
  11. What do you all think? I think I like the 2011's better...Not sure I like the teh huge Muscle Milk logos on the shrouds.
  12. Ya, i called PC to verify it. Im suprised it is that aggressive. I dont recall a bike coming with 20's Definitly got to get that stabilizer revalved by FC now... I had an Ohlins on my last RMZ, and once you have one, you cant go back.
  13. Thanks, I was lookign at those as well. do you have any experience with the quality of these units? Also, do you use all the same plates, or do those need to be modified as well?
  14. Im debating whether I want to do the full clutch upgarde. Does anyone have any experience with the 1 spring clutch? Any feedback, or pros or cons of going 1 or 6 would be much appreciated. thanks in advance
  15. wheels and pegs are sold. Does anyone have any interest in the stock clamps, exhaust system, clutch cover, radiators, handlebars, clutch assembly, or front brake rotor with guard? If you are looking for any other parts, let me know im farting this thing out, and going to turn it into one bad mofo...