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  1. Alettoco

    air screw?

    Goto under Service and Parts Manuals 1. 2006 Service Manual (PDF) 2. 2006 Parts Manual (Online) 3. 2006 Parts Manual (Off Line/Java based application) its free!
  2. Alettoco

    Fork seals

    I need fork seals quick! does anybody know who might have them in stock for the weekend
  3. Alettoco

    The official KX450F picture/video thread!

    can you re upload your movie
  4. Alettoco


    I was Having the same problem popping,a little bogging but I'm at sea lever I bought three things for my carburetor Quikshot, Dynojet carburetor jet kit and adjustable air bleed screw the bike runs a lot better ,there is no bogging and very little popping rolling of the throttle ,the responds is great! The air bleed screw is great. I let the bike warm up and gas it and can adjust it for the best responds for that day of riding the adjustment on my bike on the screw is around 2-2.5 turns try it
  5. Alettoco

    Cr125 2004

    I just pick up a 2004 Cr125 for my son I was hoping someone can tell me what sprockets to uses on soft to sandy tracks in South Florida
  6. has anybody try installing quickshot and Dynojet carburetor jet kit(stage 1) at sea level with stock Exhaust System pretty much everything else. does anybody have any info about it
  7. Alettoco

    Just for fun. lowest serial number

    I have 6453