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  1. Hey all, I just bought my son a brand new 2008 YZ85. We just spent the weekend breaking it in. So now the fun begins. It is obviously jetted for sea level. I am in Utah and the elevation is 4500 feet. So yea I need to lean this out. And yes it is extremely ritch. Has anyone out there done this at this elevation and what did you end up going with? Owner manual say mix the gas at 30 to 1 that still sems quite ritch. BTW what is the factory jets owner manual doesn't say. Thanks in advance.
  2. YZ450F06

    TTR90 Suspension

    Has anyone done much with the suspension on the ttr90? My son keeps bottoming out. Mainly the rear shock. Is there something you can do? Can you get a stiffer shock?
  3. YZ450F06

    50 SR Pro Clutch help

    Does anyone know where I can pick up a dominator clutch for my son's 0 SR Pro?
  4. YZ450F06

    ttr 50

    I put my 3 year old on his and he does love it.
  5. YZ450F06

    06 TTR 90 mods

    Hey guys. I need some help. I have a 06 ttr 90 bought it new. What can I do to this thing to wake it up? What is the best pipe to put on? What should I do to the intake? etc.. Thanks all I have read some good posts here just wondering what I can do to help it out.
  6. Hey guys thought I would share my race results with you all. I posted last week that a buddy of mine just bought a raptor 700. He put the hotter chip in and put the GYTR pipe on it. Then he asked if I wanted to race. I have a 2001 banshee. I have the toomeys and the K&N as well as a cool head with 17cc domes. My post was if I would be able to beat him. Well the results are in any guesses. My banshee is faster than I thought. I beat the raptor straight up 3 times in a row. First two times by at least 5 lengths I would say. Last time I got a bad start tire spin. Still beat him though by 3 lengths This is where it gets interesting after our first race there were a couple other guys watching that wanted to get in the race. One of them had the Honda TRX450 and another guy had a YZF450 both had pipes and appeared to be pretty good riders. I thought to myself here is what I've been waiting for I get to see how the banshee stracks up to the 4 stroke. The second race the honda came in last, then the raptor, then the YFZ, and then me and my banshee. Same results both times. The YFZ wasn't to far behind maybe two lengths. The raptor and the honda were pretty close. Anyway all I could think of was my original post and a response from NYMXeR telling me to go ahead and race him because I wasn't sure I would win. NYMXeR had confidence that I would win so I didn't want to let him down. I went for it and did it.
  7. YZ450F06

    Banshee mods

    NYMXer thanks for the info. I am a good rider have been riding for a long time. Much longer then him. You're right hooking up at the start is the key. That makes me feel better thanks again.
  8. YZ450F06

    Jetting problems w/ 07 YZ450F

    Thanks all for the help. I'll let ya know how it goes.
  9. YZ450F06

    Yamaha Banshee mods

    Hey all, I have a 2001 Banshee, I have the toomeys, the K&N, and of course the cool head with 17mm domes. Other than nitrus which I don't want to do. What other mods can I do? My bro-in-law just picked up the raptor 700 and wants to race. I'm not so sure I will be able to beat him. Am I SOL or do you guys have any suggestions? Thanks Dave
  10. YZ450F06

    Jetting problems w/ 07 YZ450F

    I didn't. I herd the 07 pipe cut low to mid power for the noise problem. So I replaced it.
  11. YZ450F06

    Small changes I noticed on new 07

    You ride in Utah as well eh? Do you do tracks or little sahara or both? I know the new stock mj is a 160 and the pj is a 45. You're planning on jetting once you get to ride it correct?
  12. YZ450F06

    Small changes I noticed on new 07

    Sorry I know this isn't a thread on jetting. But sounds like you know quite a bit about the bike. I just got my new one as well. I am having a terrible time jetting it. Do you have any suggestions on what I can do. I ride at 4500 ft and average temp 60-90 degrees. pretty dry no humidity. Thanks for any help you can give. Dave
  13. YZ450F06

    Jetting problems w/ 07 YZ450F

    I have ridden it just enough to know that it is off. Still working on the solution. Thanks for the replies.
  14. YZ450F06

    Jetting problems w/ 07 YZ450F

    I haven't really had a chance to really ride it yet. I hope to get it jetted and take it out this weekend. Stay tuned and I will let ya know.
  15. YZ450F06

    Jetting problems w/ 07 YZ450F

    So quick question just to make sure I am thinking I am doing the correct thing. A 165 jet will let more fuel in than a 168 jet correct? And a 45 jet will let more fuel in than a 48 jet correct? And the needle a #4 lets in more fuel than the #3 setting? Am I thinking correctly? Thanks for the help.