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  1. YZF250F06

    what you lot think of the 06 yzf

    2006 YZ250F is absolutely the best bike that I have ever ridden. Strong motor, great suspension and handling along with a manufacturer that backs their product. Do yourself a favor and buy one. You won't regret it.
  2. YZF250F06

    Any 2007 YZ250 owners yet?

    I was at Mission Motorsports yesterday in Irvine California. They had 2007 YZ250, YZ125 and a white YZ450F. No stock on the YZ250F as of yet.
  3. YZF250F06

    motor or suspension??

    I'd do the suspension first. It does not matter how fast your motor is if you can't put the power to the ground. Call Enzo and they will take care of you.
  4. YZF250F06

    First New Post...new O6' YZ250F Owner

    Congrates on your new bike!!! You wont be dissapointed.
  5. YZF250F06

    2005 Tt-r230

    My Fiancee owns a TT-R230. We recently rode out in the desert during a windy weekend. The bike is stock other than having a PC T-4 slip on exhaust. Before the weekend, the bike was running perfect. When we got to the desert she was able to get a few good rides in. While the bike sat, we did not have plugs in our exhaust. The wind was howling that was pushing sand everywhere. When we decided to go for another ride when the wind died down, the bike did not run right. The bike would hesitate off the bottom. I had a feeling that the carb was clogged. When I got the bike home, I pulled the carb and cleaned it out completely. I pulled the main jet, needle jet and pilot jet. I sprayed carb cleaner throughout the carb as well as all the jets. Everything was looking good. I assembled the carb and put the bike together. I took the bike out for a test ride and it was considerably better, but there's a hesitation off the bottom end. What would anyone suggest that I might take a look at to solve this problem? We're going riding this weekend and I'm praying that I can get this problem solved before we leave tomorrow morning.
  6. YZF250F06

    yzf or crf?

    Reliability, strong motor and great suspension....Yamaha...hands down. I know that both Yamaha and Honda have had problems with their valves. The only difference is that Yamaha has stood by their product and will replace them for you free of charge. If that happens to your Honda, that's just more money out of your pocket.
  7. YZF250F06

    Gone (to CRF250R) and Back again (to YZ250F)

    Congrates on the new bike. You won't be dissapointed.
  8. YZF250F06

    06LE with a face lift

    Looks VERY NICE!!!
  9. I don't believe that there's anything that would make the 2007 significantly better than the 2006. The only difference would be that you'll spend more money and you have the option to buy white, which you can add to a 2006 as well. Your cornering question. I noticed the front end did tend to push in corners, but nothing that could not be resolved. As far as the bike overall is concerned, it's rock-solid. Yamaha has stood by their bikes and with the valve recall for the 2006's shows that they support their product 110%.
  10. YZF250F06

    yz250f suspension help

  11. YZF250F06

    need advise! plz help

    I would spend the money getting your suspension set up for you and your riding ability. I paln on having Enzo take care of my suspension. Next, I would get consider a set of Applied/RG3 triple clamps and Works radiator braces.
  12. YZF250F06

    yz 250F vrs 450

    You'd be better off building your 250F, but I'm having a hard time believing that you need more power than a 250F can put out. If you rode a YZ450F, you'd be a flea on a dog's ass trying to hold-on.
  13. YZF250F06

    quick rear sprocket question

    If you have one of those 2-ton jacks, remove the handle and use that for leverage and if need be, use an allen key the hold the other side steady.
  14. YZF250F06

    old 426 vs 450

    You should definitely stick with the newer 250F's. The new 450's are a handful. You mentioned that you're going to have a hard time finding one used. With the 2007's coming out in October, you should be able to get an incredible deal on the 2006's. Just a thought.