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  1. JRShof

    Clutch Disengagment

    A lot of the time youll put your bike in gear on a hill. Then youll go to move it. Thats why.
  2. JRShof

    Clutch Disengagment

    This is going to seem like a terribly stupid question... But is it typical to have the bike off, in gear, clutch pulled, and still not be able to push the bike? As if the clutch is not full disengaging the motor from the wheel? When the bike is running you can tell its still grabbing a bit but it doesn't really interfere much. And if this is not typical, where would this be adjusted? 2006 CRF450R Supermoto, stock clutch. Thanks!
  3. JRShof

    Track day this Saturday

    6 Big bikes going out to Norman OK to ride this Saturday. Hoping we can get some more bikes out there. No catch can or sliders required. $25 ride all day into the night. 60 degrees of perfectness. Would love to see some forum members. All asphalt. Check out the video links below 972-965-9six9six. http://www.oklahomamotorsportscomplex.com/track.html http://www.vimeo.com/18908862 http://www.vimeo.com/16603835
  4. JRShof

    SuMo Race in Norman OK

    Just so everyone knows theres a Sumo Race in Norman OK in October. $25 Entry 16th is Practice day 17th is Race day Requires Axle & Peg Sliders Full Leathers Preferred but MX Gear is acceptable. Classes: Beginner: 125-450 Intermediate: 125-450 Expert: 125-450 Open Class All Asphalt, no dirt sections Track: http://oklahomamotorsportscomplex.com/track.html Text o call with any questions as i forget to check this frequently 972-965-9696 - John
  5. JRShof

    Fork Swap Question

    Hello, Im trying to SuMo my 89 CR500 and had a quick front end question. Will the newer 03-06 crf-450 triples bolt onto my 500? Im looking for better suspension components. and those year forks wont fit into my current triples. Thanks!
  6. JRShof

    Drz400s all stock Jump Video

    If you could get the guy to shake the camera a little more that would be rather awesome.
  7. JRShof

    Used DRZ - ok to buy? have pics

    Whats the TDC bolt? He said it has about 8000 miles.
  8. A local guy is selling this DRZ. Is there anything besides the obvious that I should worry about?
  9. JRShof

    Crank lateral play.. normal?

    Yeah sounds about right.
  10. JRShof

    Cylinder Stud Torque please

    Very useful info. Thanks force.
  11. Crank can move side to side about 1mm. No up and down play. Normal? thx
  12. JRShof

    Cylinder Stud Torque please

    Seriously? that seems crzy
  13. Manual I have doesn't have it. Have searched, no luck. Gracias.
  14. JRShof

    Is this worth it? buying a crf450

    I picked up a supermotard 05 450 with sprung and valved suspension front and rear, Custom one off titanium M4 exhaust, Motomaster race caliper, Magura front radial master cylinder, Steel braided lines and BEHR wheels. All for $1500. Deal of a lifetime
  15. JRShof

    Seized Transmission Bearing

    Man if you felt these bearings you wouldn't replace um either lol. Got the bike on a steal from an unloving/needing money owner. Its getting all new Seals and gaskets, crank Carrillo rod and piston. Besides compared to my R6 splitting these cases is a breeze