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  1. I live in Bozeman. Do you have any idea what the name of that trail is?? Always lookin for a new place to ride. Thanks
  2. I believe that is the Nevada Narrows trail that links Daisy to Haymaker. It is super fun and has some pretty technical spots.
  3. Here is one I pulled off of my GoPro this weekend.
  4. Krannie bought a KTM?? On the CRF450X forum you wanted God to put them all in a big pile. LOL!!
  5. "I gotta say though, that head light has to go." I agree on this. Looks like the headlight and brackets unbolt from the clamps so maybe a YZ plate will fit?? Might have to do something with the huge odo/computer to make it work though.
  6. This is where I am out right now. I love Hondas but my 09 450X is going to need a replacement soon and it will be FI. My buddy just got a new WR but after three weeks, has not ridden it?? Hope to try that thing out soon.
  7. Does the competition ECU have the base map to work with the FMF pipe??
  8. I am so close to buying a new WR 450 but the Honda lover in me still has hopes that maybe they will make the wanted updates for 2013. Do I wait or pull the trigger now?? My wife will not let me get a new bike 3 years in a row for sure!! My buddy just got a WR and it is very nice. Decisions, decisions.
  9. You guys need to go ride these damn bikes and get some more ride reports out!! I am a crf450X rider and love it but my buddy bought a new WR Saturday and it was in my garage for most of the day. It is a very nice bike...nice enough to convert me if it rides as good as it looks. We had no ECU parts and the thing would barely run so we did not ride it around the neighborhood. Please keep riding an reporting!! Thanks to all contributors so far.
  10. Where is the cheapest place to buy the 08 R cam??
  11. What handlebar risers are you using??
  12. A tube of the Waterweld Epoxy(Loctite product) can fix a lot of problems quickly. It is a two part putty that comes in a tube and you squish it in your fingers to mix and activate. Takes about 20 minutes to be fully cured. I have seen it fix radiators with holes in them, cases that took a rock and a broken handguard. The guy who broke his case never even replaced it and that was two years ago. The stuff works well on oily or wet surfaces and the heat of the motor helps cure it. Might save a ride or keep you from pushing out in the dark.
  13. That was sick!! Thanks for sharing. Some of the tricks were definately a pass/fail situation with BIG consequence.
  14. Mad skills right there!!!! And mucho grande juevos!!
  15. Couple of my white bikes. My 450R and 450X. Needless to say, I really like the white look!!