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  1. cfilipski

    91 DR650 help wiring in accessories?

    I'm considering installing a 12V accessory socket and auxillary driving lights. I could rig these things up to the battery, but I expect there is a better way. I'm confident working on everything except the wiring. Please offer your ideas on the best way to wire these things in. Thank you for your input!
  2. cfilipski

    1991 DR650 petcock and other questions...

    Howdy, There seems to be plenty of newer DR's out there, and I'm hoping for some feedback about my '91. Anyone replace the petcock with one that is not vaccum operated? I'd like to. Can I simply clamp off the vacuum line without any options? Can you put a extended fuel mixture screw on this years carb? I can't see where it goes. Clutch-She's going to need a new one soon. Where's the best place to order a new one? OEM or aftermarket? Motor-The cylinder head cover (not the inspection covers)is leaking a little bit of oil. I don't see a gasket in the parts diagrams. Do I peel it off and use RTV silicone for a new gasket? I suppose I should have it measured for warping, too? Thank You!! Chad
  3. cfilipski

    How to set up a DR650 for touring?

    I really appreciate the input and pics! We are supposed to tour in August, but I'm going to push for September. It'll be cooler then, and fewer tourists on the road.
  4. cfilipski

    How to set up a DR650 for touring?

    I've got a '91 DR650. I'm amazed with this motor. A buddy wants to tour from Colorado up to the Canadian Rockies. I'm up for it, and need suggestions on setting her up for a long haul. I understand a new seat is mandatory. Are there any recommendations besides the Suzuki gel seat or a Corbin? If you've toured with a reasonable load, did you upgrade the rear wheel or did the stock wheel handle the load without busting any spokes? Any input would be greatly appreciated. My buddy has a bmw f650gs, and I'd love to show that beemer that my suzi can tour with the best of 'em. Many Thanks, Chad
  5. cfilipski

    91 DR650 - What kind of MPG do you get?

    Related to mostly street miles... I know MPG will vary with different sprockets, and performance mods. I just bought a '91 and its getting 30-35mpg. That seems really low to me. I don't know if the previous owner(s) re-jetted the bugger. The only upgrade from stock that I can see is a larger chain ring in the back. Everything else looks stock. What kind of MPG do you get? with what mods? Any suggestions for improving my fuel economy? I know I'm a rare bird in this category. I stretched the budget just to get this baby used, so I hope I can squeeze more miles out of each gallon of dino juice. Rock Mountain gas is wicked expensive. Thanks, Chad :-)
  6. cfilipski

    Where do you buy parts?

    Thank you for the feedback! I'm in a small mountain town. When my local shop has the part, or can get it in reasonable time I prefer to support my local shop owners. I also need an option that is quicker. I want to ride when the sun is shining, and that's most days in Colorado. Happy Ridin' Chad
  7. cfilipski

    Where do you buy parts?

    Where do you buy bike parts? I need a good source for DR650 parts. Online or phone order - it makes no difference. Thank You, Chad
  8. cfilipski

    Early chain death! Causes?

    I just bought a '91 DR650. I love it! The previous owner claimed that he just installed a new chain and sprocket. They look new. The chain appeared too loose, so I dug in to clean and tighted it up. 1. I noticed that the chain, while it looks new was binding is places 2. the front sprocket was not snug on the shaft It appears as though the proper pieces are all there, and there is no damage to the sprocket or shaft 1. I'm having a hard time finding a repacement chain. Where can I find good chains online? 2. Should the front sprocket have a little play? or should it be solidly attached to the shaft? Thank you for your help, Chad