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  1. 04XR250r

    Spring is getting close - oil question

    I just store it in a heated garage. Temp does not get below 60 degrees. Just curious - why I have read you change it before your winter storage and after you take it out of storage.
  2. 04XR250r

    1979 XR250 .... revive? Or part out/sell?

    I LOVE your 79 XR250 - one of my all time favorites! You bought that bike for 100 dollars! Wow! Man keep it and restore that bike!! That is what I would do!
  3. I stored my XR250r back in October - I changed the oil before storage and put Stabil in the tank. I have read you are supposed to change the oil again after you bring it out again. My question is why? Is it because of codensation? Thanks!
  4. 04XR250r

    How much oil??

    Hello all, I just reached the 100-mile mark on my 2004 Honda XR 250R and according to my owner’s manual time for an oil change and filter change. This is my first oil change on this bike an according to the owner’s manual it says the bike takes 1.5 quarts of oil. I put in 1.5 of Honda's HP4 oil and let it run for five minutes to circulate and then checked the oil. It is still low. I do not want to overfill this bike. How much oil does your XR take? I wanted to ask you guys before I add too much oil. Thanks!
  5. 04XR250r

    Exhaust Leak on 87 CR125

    Hello all, I just bought a 1987 CR 125 to ride around on and I noticed that oil is leaking from the exhaust pipe where it meets the engine. The pipe is a FMF Fatty Pipe and it looks like all that keeps it on is one spring that is connected to the exhaust port on the engine. Should I have another spring to attach it too? Thanks
  6. 04XR250r

    Rear FootPegs

    Has anyone put rear pegs on your XR? I would like my girlfriend to ride on the back some. Thanks
  7. 04XR250r

    Throttle Cable

    I like the look of two mirrors instead of one.
  8. 04XR250r

    Throttle Cable

    Hello all, I have a 2004 XR250r and I want to put a mirror perch on my throttle side of the bar. My problem is that the throttle cable is sitting on the brake fluid tank. Can I move the cable down? Is it hard to do? Thanks for answering my newbie questions!
  9. Hello all. I just had my Baja Design DS Kit for my 2004 XR250r installed and it looks great. I went and got a license plate from the DMV this morning. My question is to anyone who has bought this kit and mounted a license plate. Do you drill a hole on the license plate holder? Mine does not have any pre-set holes. Thanks!
  10. 04XR250r

    250 4 strokes

    I love my 2004 XR250r it is great! I still can't believe I own it
  11. 04XR250r

    What happened to "Cycle" Magazine?

    I have been away from motorcycles for awhile - just getting back into it
  12. What happened to "Cycle" Magazine? I was looking for it on the newstands.
  13. Hello all, I am pleased to say that I bought Baja Design Dual Sport Kit Quick Release from Thumpertalk and the service was great!! Thank You!! I am having the kit installed at my Honda Dealer on Wednesday. My question to you is how and where can I mount a mirror? I have seen the 2 PC bolt on mirror mounts but wonder if there is enough room on the handle bar? What about using the hole where the Hand Guards hold the Clutch lever and Brake lever - would that work?? Thanks! David