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  1. jester147

    Honda 400ex heavy duty Cam Chain?

    I was reading on here one day that you could use and different cam chain out of a different atv in a 400ex and it was better quality. I think i might have been a 450r but i can't remember. I also looked threw a part unlimited catalog and they have nothing for a 400ex can chain. Can somebody help please! Thanks
  2. jester147

    400 ex Tire size for speed?

    yea its stock gearing but i gotta take off those big tires to put my nerf bars back on anyways so when i do put smaller tires on what should i change the gearing to? i am gonna go back to the stock size! And i also got a je 11:1 high dome piston init too!
  3. jester147

    Honda 400 ex Tire size for speed?

    I have a 2002 400 ex and i just put a dynojet kit, k&n air filter, oversized valves, heavy duty springs, and a stage 2 hot cam in it. I was riding it and i lost all speed whatsoever and the tires i have on are 22 and there is suppose to be 20 if i go back to 20 will i gain anymore speed back or will that give me even more power? What should i do to compensate for the lose of speed i can't even use 1st gear i have to start out in 2nd!
  4. jester147

    YZ Bent Fork Bad Caliper

    i'm 22 just got off work need an aswer so i can fix
  5. I have a 2004 yz250f and I left this kid ride it one day and he got a little ballzy and about killed himself hittin and 40 footer and he had to get plastic sergery and bent my right fork just about 2-3 inches forward i mean the bike works and all but i was ridin on the road the other day to my shail pit and my front caliper just exploded and got caught in the spokes and stuff it wasn't good needless to say but would the bent fork be the cause of this or do i have another problem i mean the kid wrecked it about 9months ago and i have beed ridin all this time like that but just the other day it just shattered on me and i noticed a couple days before it shattered i had to keep bleedin the line because my front wheel kept lockin up does anybody have any answers thanks alot if ya do!