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  1. i have the megabomb and love it. gave me some bottom end, and up top. i would say the only drawback is that its only offered in ti, and it sticks out a bit
  2. so i wecently went with the hotcams stage1 intake and stage 2 exhaust setup on my 07 yz250f. Man it turned out great. i dont really notice a loss of power anywhere, but really gained on the punch out of the corners. would definately recomend this setup. i am also running fmf factory 4.1 carbon with ti megabomb. and dialed jetting.
  3. Ya not to mention the fact that the 225 is alot less powerful motor ur putting in a bigger bike
  4. it may work, but i never liked the 120 tire. just too wide. If you want to bigger just go 110. MY 120 just tended to pop out of ruts, and other things of that nature. Just not a great tire for the track. Maybe offroad or trail riding
  5. did you feel like you wanted more topend, or maybe the bottom end of the stage one would be more benificial. I looked at the dyno charts and it looks like stage 1 will show conciderable gains going up to the topend, and then remain close to stock on the topend. Then stage two did the oposite. As i said a ride all tracks, and most have many turns and are technical, however there are a couple of long staits that get me into the topend. Also, most people praise the topend of the yamis, abut fell they need more bottom end snap. As i do
  6. i am looking at getting a set of hot cams. My question is, Did yall buy stage 1 or 2? What did yall like about them? I ride all motocross on an 07 yz250f. Also can you run just the intake, as i would imagine the exhaust side does not do much? Thanks guys
  7. thanks for the info guys. Bad design on a perfect bike. Will probably use both of your ideas. Probably some antiseize is not a bad idea instead of the locktight. Thanks again
  8. hey guys have any of yall had problems with the oil tanks on your bikes. I was changing my oil, and the bung on the front top side, which you remove the bolt from to let the oil come out of the other end, it just twisted off. I know this is aluminum, and can be broken easily, but that was rediculous. By the way i repaired it, but stupid!!!!
  9. Mxr300ex Did you go as far as the other guy did. They both look sick. If not what was your process
  10. have you had any issues with your polished frame? do you typically have to rebuff after riding
  11. man somthing that i have discovered is that energy drinks accelerate arm pump. I like the boost i get from them, but it definately increases arm pump. I tried riding a few months ago without one, and it was hands down way better. I imagine it is due to increased blood flow or somthin like that
  12. man i would say the guy has some motor issues. like needing new rings, etc. BC my sxf has alot of bottom end
  13. definately dont run it. no way. Is the motor in the bike or out. If its out, it should be fairly easy to get it out without disassembly. May have to pull off some side covers. Try turning it over and shaking. If its still mounted i would probably pull it out
  14. dude looks sweet