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  1. LOUD LOUD LOUD so deer and shit go away and so dumb stupid drivers can hear that you are near
  2. must be nice
  3. he would have had to have that bike 5th gear pinned and one hell of a lip to bust that high.........i dunno ?!?!
  4. Very helpfull thanks!
  5. Ok thanks bro yea i am on stuntlife i have a xr/crf 100 for practicing and shiz i have a stunt bike as well i just want to do some motarding and some stunting haha
  6. exactly what i thought
  7. hey guys i need some oppinions on what bike to get. i was looking into converting either the crf or the yzf 450's, are there any pro's and cons on either of these bikes? problem shooting? i am gonna be doing more stunting than anything so, any oil feed problems ?? any tips would be great! Thanks Ryan