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  1. ?? This is coming from the guy that threw out the racist card in the rear penile tire thread? What fun!!!! I bought a used motorcycle ONCE from somebody who wasn't actually a crackhead. He delivered the bike to me in a white van with the windows painted out, no interior, plastic lining the floor and walls, and bags of candy everywhere. I didn't judge, as I was just happy to receive my overpriced motosickle.
  2. I don't think riding around the Hart Park, Hang Glider Hill, Mesa Marin area was ever legal. They officially closed it 8-9 years ago and patrolled it aggressively for a few years after that. Now it looks like old times with the amount of people riding there every weekend and I haven't heard of any enforcement or ticketing going on. My son rode there 2 weeks ago on a Saturday and said there were a bunch of people out riding and no hassles. Here's a video of a road jump that didn't go right there. Haul it out in the back of your truck tied down and take it home thrown in the trunk of your.
  3. I usually don't wallow on down in the interdewb, argument mud, but after watching the Seattle round Saturday night I'll make an exception. You said my offensive post=joke had a racial slur in it. Does one of those phallus symbols race part time too? I am missing something I guess. Anyway back on track What rear tire would be best riding a track like Seattle? What rear tire would get the most traction hooking up on snowflakes? Should I go with studs or metal paddles?
  4. ?? I am a RACIST NOW TOO? That term gets thrown around pretty freely these days. It's a joke, get it! Lighten up Francis. I have no time for the PC police Is a Racist a person who sometimes races? I guess I'm a racist then.
  5. It isn't chinko?
  6. California

    To New? He can borrow mine then.
  7. I guess I'll come clean. I was on that ride. It started out okay with the 12 of us doing a couple of laps on the mx track to warm up. One of the guys got a flat on his mouse bib on the second lap. That may have been an omen on how our day would go. We threw in a new bib and aired it up and we were off. It only took 8 of us on that tire change and 2 hours. We rode some of the more brutal and technical trails in the park like Backbone and Vics Cat before heading up into the forest. Most of us had arm pump so bad from riding those trails we thought we might call it a day. One of my buddies was pretty distraught at this point because his phone was dead and he wouldn't be able to take any more pictures all day. I was doing okay on East Frazier Trail until a stick tore part of the front fender decal off my Six Days. I was pretty upset and couldn't shake that image from my head the rest of the day. We all had to help each other up that final switchback/step up at the top of East Frazier before the bench- man that was tough-glad there were 12 of us. We rode on some trails and had to keep stopping because most the group were either adjusting their sag, clickers, or just taking selfies. There were a couple of 2 strokes with us that weren't running so well. The thought was that the air filters were clogged. It sounded legit, or maybe the powerband needed adjusting, anyway we used most of the gas from the two strokes to wash the filters because everybody knows if you don't use premix to clean a 2 stoke air filter you will seize your topend. We got the filters back in and the bikes ran the same. Oh well it was worth a try. We got to the top of a biggest, baddest trail in the western U.S. called Snowy and started down. The 2 strokes were out of gas now, but it mostly down hill so we said f-it and went figuring we would deal with it at the bottom. When we reached the bottom 7.35 of us were crying and it took 5 hours because 4 guys would have to ride one bike at a time to get through the hard spots. It was brutal and probably the hardest thing I have ever done in my life. One of the guys lost his hairbrush, one scratched the Kenda logo off his rear tire, and another 3 had gouged their handguards. It was pure carnage, hell on earth. We were lost! We didn't know where the trail led that we had just come down and if we continued on more bike damage, like a scratched up skidplate, would surely ensue. We made a decision as a group to take a group selfie and then build a fire. Now we were down to only one working phone because of all the selfie picture taking going on all day. We probably could have toughed it out overnight, but 3 of us needed Starbucks and needed Starbucks bad. We used our one working phone to contact Starbucks to put in an order. The Starbucks delivery guy said he'd be there in an hour, but called us back 30 minutes later and said his Chinese scooter fouled a plug. There was only one BRAVE thing left to do! We took selfies around the fire until we had 3% battery left on our one remaining phone and then called 911. The helo ride out was awesome. Our bikes looked really small from way up there huddled so close to our illegal campfire. Once we get our bikes back I can't wait to go riding with those guys again. Now that we conquered the Mighty Snowy Trail we are thinking about heading up Rincon. Do you know if you get cell service on Rincon? Alright bitches flame away
  8. Yeah Jeff is that good I broke a lever and punctured a rear tire on Sunday in the desert, and the correct tire and new lever were on my doorstep when I got home that night. How did he know? BTW Jeff the hub should be coming your way Friday. I should have it today.
  9. California

    When KTM first came out with the rubber damped clutches on the off road factory rider's bikes the rubbers would come apart and plug off oil supply and blow the motors. I would have to think the same thing would happen if the rubbers were neglected long enough to start coming apart.
  10. California

    I guess I'm doing it all wrong. I bought a 1975 Husky of Ebay and raced the first 11 desert races on the tires it came with, rear Chin Sheng C755. LOL Jeff, your attention to detail IS APPRECIATED. When does the pool hall open up?
  11. California

    People really give a chit over what a tire looks like? The snowflakes have invaded the desert if so. LOL I need to go find my safe place now.
  12. California

    The three on top are my girls and the other two plus one more belong to my Son and D-I-L. The world wouldn't be the same without dogs.
  13. California

    That is the bridge. Me and a buddy rode Rincon on 70's years ago. I needed to see the capability on the little bike before I tried to win a plaque on one in Big Bear.