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    So between the kankles, chocolate chip cookies, peeling anodize, and stand up guy does that head make a performance difference? If so, what are the differences from stock? Once you ride it without the anodize report back on any performance loss or gain I'm curious.
  2. california

    Congratulations Chris, nice bike
  3. Headed out on loop 4 of 4 for 160 miles total on the day.
  4. Alright the WEB police are here! Can you do anything about my neighbor's dog shitting on my lawn and the owner not cleaning it up?
  5. ?? This is coming from the guy that threw out the racist card in the rear penile tire thread? What fun!!!! I bought a used motorcycle ONCE from somebody who wasn't actually a crackhead. He delivered the bike to me in a white van with the windows painted out, no interior, plastic lining the floor and walls, and bags of candy everywhere. I didn't judge, as I was just happy to receive my overpriced motosickle.
  6. I don't think riding around the Hart Park, Hang Glider Hill, Mesa Marin area was ever legal. They officially closed it 8-9 years ago and patrolled it aggressively for a few years after that. Now it looks like old times with the amount of people riding there every weekend and I haven't heard of any enforcement or ticketing going on. My son rode there 2 weeks ago on a Saturday and said there were a bunch of people out riding and no hassles. Here's a video of a road jump that didn't go right there. Haul it out in the back of your truck tied down and take it home thrown in the trunk of your.