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    Like to personalize stuff (modify)Buy New toys dismantle and put them together the right way,Lighten

    Exhaust Timing

    SPOCKETS WHERE NEVER REMOVED, I now have an E-airbox and eddie set the clearances,and they where +1mm over.And I don't believe the porting for a minute.

    Exhaust Timing

    Here is the deal,I recently put hotcams in my 05drz 400sm.along with pipe carb larger valves,including e base gasket.Here is the pickle--I dyno'ed it and made 36hp and 28 torq. I have noticed that it got extremely loud after these mods,I attributed it to the E-base gasket but now I am wondering if I got the Exhaust time retarded a tooth? I did all the checks including turning the engine over and checking the marks again. Is it a still a possibility to be wrong and if it was this would lead to a drop in horsepower===right.

    Can anyone translate this stuff on this link?

    man ---that is like a red headed step child

    E-air boot bell

    will someone please direct me to the correct intake bell for the E intake box. Maybe a picture too./ And where is the quickest place to get? Immo:prof:

    E- air box

    A while ago I posted my hp-torque on my 05 sm 36hp and 28 torq. with a list of mods,pipe,cams, valves ,porting etc. But I do not have a air box, I used a after market air filter,I also have the fcr. I have since ordered a E- airbox and snorkel Do you think It will put me in the horsepower range it should be?

    My dyno graphs

    The tire is a stock 05 tire on the drz 400sm, I am alittle confused on the airbox-boot bit though. Will the E-air box work.

    My dyno graphs

    stock rear tire, I will look for a air box on E-bay

    My dyno graphs

    Here are my dyno graphs from todays run. With the mods I have I am very dissapointed.Fcr-39mm,Yosh pipe and header,RHC Valves-1mm over on Intake,HotCams,E-base gasket,vortex 38 tooth rear sprocket.Any Ideas-Eddie what is your take? I also eliminated my air box and have a 2" rubber adaptor to my carb and a kickass filter attached. '
  9. Boys ,another chalk line under eddie's name.He saved me alot of headaches for a smok'in price and turn around. Now for the Caution on Installation of your Hot Cams. Here is something to look close for:Top Timing chain guide bracket may seriously rub on your Intake Cam!!!! Here are some pics I took of my discovery/ Now I could have easily assembled this and not noticed but fortunately I found it. Not sure why it is or may be a problem. Just wanted to post what I found for all, so We can continue to have happy drz'ers. I used a metal Basturd file and a chain saw blade tooth file to make the modification on the bracket, just enough to to clear; perhaps 3/32nd's. And then continued with the Installation. Be cautious............... IMMO
  10. I have a 308 in there now, After I had my valve work done it is out of tolerance with the 308. He said I needed another 6 thousands to get it in specs so I just assumed 314?
  11. 315 Should Work .001 To Tight, Is That Ok?
  12. Please, I need some shims for my exhaust valves on my 05 drz/sm to get it on the road. I need some 314 shims. Can a TT'r help me out. Let me know,will check pm's later this evening, Immo

    Hub difference

    Probably larger spoke diameter?

    Hot cam Design fault

    make that SIX (6) Mine is way bad it will not even come close to turning over,if it wasn't for you boys it would have been UGLY. Would they have fixed a blown engine!? I doubt it. sorry to bring the post back alive.

    Valve to Piston Clearances

    So just rotate the cams with your fingers or small breaker bar(so they don't snap) while the piston is at top dead center. and check the squish-what is the recommended clearances.