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  1. skleafers

    Buying used 400S

    All true about the better suspension on 02 and after, but the 00-01 DRZ is an awesome bike. I bought an 01 this spring with low miles for $3000. I do mostly two track riding and the stock suspension works and feels great to me. I was in the same boat your in, not much for sale at the time, don't regret it one bit.
  2. skleafers

    3x3 Mod, Better or Worse?

    Can this mod be done by someone with little mechanical ability? I too am desperate for some more power, have a stock 01S. I just picked up a used 94 Yamaha XT 225 for my wife to ride, only 1300 miles on it for $1400. Had been sitting for the past 8 years, took it to the Yamaha shop because it was leaking gas from the bottom overflow. $208 to clean the carb and replace the dry rotted boot. Gotta start doing this stuff myself.
  3. skleafers

    2001 Drz400s

    I bought a 2001 this spring, I debated because of the suspension upgrade on the 02's and newer but don't regret it at all. Used DRZ's are hard to find here in the U.P. of Michigan. The suspension is more than enough for my style of riding, mostly two tracks. It's an awesome all around bike.
  4. skleafers

    anyone have a rear rack for sale.

    Phreak, got any more of those racks? I would definately be interested in one.
  5. skleafers

    Does battery power affect starting?

    Thanks for the input. I will change the plug and see if that does the trick.
  6. skleafers

    Does battery power affect starting?

    Thanks, I did try opening the throttle a little and it did seem to help. I had a 2000 drz e previously, and it was the most cold blooded bike I have had, you are right, you do have to dial in your starting method.
  7. skleafers

    Does battery power affect starting?

    Thats what I thought. It doesn't seem to crank over any slower, and seems to have plenty of juice. If it sits for a couple days, I have to crank it for 5 seconds or so, give it a second and the second time it usually starts up. Before the battery mishap it would start right up. I guess no big deal as long as it starts.
  8. My DRZ S has always started up when cold, using the choke, as soon as I press the button. My son turned my key to the park position and drained my battery. Since I charged the battery it cranks over for quite awhile before starting up. Could this be because the battery is weaker?
  9. skleafers

    death wing airdown?

    I just purchased a used 01 DRZ just came back from my first short trail ride, this thing still has the original trailwings, I am so thankful I ordered some Dunlop 606's and can't wait to get them on the bike. They don't call them death wings for nothing!
  10. skleafers

    Is this an o.k. deal

    Thanks for the responses, I am going to pick up the 01' today. I am not in the position to buy a new bike, so this will do for now. After all of my looking, this does seem like a fair, (not great) deal.
  11. skleafers

    Is this an o.k. deal

    The problem is I have been looking, and just can't find anything used in my area. I would be willing to drive for the right deal but nothing close enough. I figure if I buy this 01' and want to upgrade later, I could loose a few hundred bucks, but at least have a bike to ride this year. I called on a 00 for $2800, 3000 miles, it was sold and the guy told me he wishes he had five more to sell, phone won't quit ringing. Any other opinions???? Thanks again.
  12. skleafers

    Is this an o.k. deal

    Hello All...great site, I'll try to make this quick. Had a 00 drz400e sold it a couple of years ago, loved the bike and have been looking for a used S model. My dealer called to tell me one was coming in on trade, it is an 01 with only 200 miles on it, sheriffs dept bought it for orv training, and never used it. They will sell it to me for $3000.00 with a new battery. This is their bottom line. I would like to know what some of your opinions are on the price. I realize the suspension was redone in 02, I'm not a real aggressive rider, like to trail ride, but I'm nearing 40 and don't ride like I used to. I'm way up north in Mich and used drz's are hard to find. Thanks for any input.