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    solving complex calculus problems while dodging flying burritos.
  1. st lewis

    Moving to WY, need jetting advice

    too bad all of my money is being used to move. it sucks too, i will have my bike in denver on friday and thru the weekend visiting friends to ride in the mountains if I had the money I would go straight to Eddie
  2. st lewis

    Moving to WY, need jetting advice

  3. Good morning, I currently live in WI(800ft) and will be moving to WY (5000ft) and was looking for re-jetting advice on a 2006 SM with FCR carb, 3x3, and full FMF exhaust? Thanks for any help -Matt
  4. st lewis

    fuel mileage??

    My friend just moved to Denver and rejetted. He now claims 63mpg while I am getting 45mpg in WI. I have full FMF, 3x3, and FCR whilst he has full Micon, 3x3, and FCR. We both followed the jetting instructions on this site. What's the dealy yo?
  5. st lewis

    Adobe Illustrator DRZ Graphics kit Template

    I have a template (just for the shrouds) from somewhere else and it is a little different then yours. Has anyone got graphics printed up yet? If so, do they fit well? I would like to use your template (being as it includes everything else), but am not sure which shrouds are correct. The one you have is missing the opening on the shroud, and the shrouds are a little different than the template I have. The template I have is from a company who prints shroud graphics for the drz and have done a few graphics for members of this site and they look like they fit perfect. If you want to see the template to compare it or whatever, just email me @ ma929tt@hotmail.com
  6. st lewis

    Anyone downgraded from superbike to DRZ400SM?

    Yes sir, I went from a 929 to a 2003 600rr to a 2006 DRZsm. I will never regret it. This thing is so much more fun in the twisties and to stunt with. It does lack power, especially if you jump down from a sportbike, but a few mods will pucker up you butthole. Of course, I sold the 600rr to my girlfriend, so I can still ride that too, but never do.
  7. i have the same problem, what should the float be at?
  8. st lewis

    Wheelies revisited...

    bone stock third gear was simple. It's all clutch and timing. now with FCR, 4th gear is easy. PS, why would you want to do wheelies at 5 gear pinned? Haven't you ever heard of balance point?
  9. st lewis

    Anyone using the new Q2 and powerbomb?

    anyways, what is the difference between the powerbomb and the FMF hi-flow header, besides the $70? The hi-flow claims more bottom end torque and it is the cheaper one...???
  10. st lewis

    Anyone using the new Q2 and powerbomb?

    Think of it like this, on a 35hp bike, jumping up 3-4 hp is like a 11% increase in power. So, on small horsepower bikes, you can easily feel the difference. while as on a sportbike with 130 hp, jumping up an extra 3-4 hp is not noticeable as it is only 3% increase.
  11. st lewis

    Templates for cutom graphics?

    I want to design my own graphics in photoshop and need templates for the plastics (shrouds, fenders, etc.). Anyone know where I can get them? I am talking about digital templates, something to start drawing on and then can just take the file to my local graphics place and have them print what I drew without me having to pay extra for them having to make the templates the right size and everything. If anyone has some sort of template, that would be sweet. Else, what program would I use to draw my own (to-scale) templates that could be opened up oin photoshop/illustrater since photoshop doesn't use dimensions? Thanks
  12. st lewis

    FCR= 35mpg!?!

    Burned- You were helping me with another thread I started where I had a constat surging at lower throttle. Well, I used masking tape and taped off about 1/3 of the 3 x 3 hole and it runs better, not great, but better. the surging is still there but not as bad. Anyways: Elevation 1400 Stock exhaust 3 x 3 FCR-MX EMN needle clip 4 all the jets and such are the ones that came with the FCR-MX. When the jets I ordered come in, I am going to double check all of the other jets. But, currently it should be 200 main air jet 160 main jet 45 pilot jet 100 pilot air jet and I set it at 2.5 on the fuel screw I ordered everything from the "FCR conversion the burned way" and all is installed
  13. st lewis

    FCR= 35mpg!?!

    so this is normal? I averaged at least 48mpg before, and it is crazy that it is now down to 35ish. Mine isn't jetted properly, but if it is getting that much more fuel, I should notice a huge difference in performance, which I don't. Slightly more powerful but not any more than my friends who just has the dyno jet kit installed. and he is getting over 50 mpg!
  14. st lewis

    FCR= 35mpg!?!

    Okay, what are you other FCR-ers getting for mpg? Mine isn't running exactly perfect, I need to swap main jets, but still. a 15mpg drop?!?
  15. st lewis

    FCR MX-no start

    bump for some help