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  1. Tireguy63

    Tire Detailing Tip

    Greetings WR 450 lovers! I just wanted to share an easy detailing tip for your bike's tires. If you buy Armor All Tire Foam, all you have to do is spray it on the tires--no wiping required. This will really make the tires have that wet/showroom look to them when you are cleaning your bike after a ride. Keep riding...it is the source of life and keeps us young!! I just love my 2007 WR450..what a great bike!! Jeff:ride:
  2. Tireguy63

    07 WR450 chain cleaning

    It seems that the O-ring chains rust easily even after I lube it w/ PJ 1. I especially notice this after washing the bike, as it is difficult to keep water off the chain when washing the bike other parts of the bike. Also, if there is mud on the chain after a ride, I like to clean the mud off and re-lube the chain. Any suggestions to prevent rusting of the chain? (use a wire brush to clean the chain maybe?) Will a wire brush clean the rust off the chain nicely? Thanks for your help guys.
  3. Tireguy63

    chain cleaning

    It seems that the O-ring chain seems to rust easily, even when I lubricate it. Maybe some water happens to drip on it when I wash the bike. Any suggestions on how to prevent rusting? It is difficult to keep water off of the chain when I am washng it. Thanks guys.
  4. Tireguy63

    Seat cleaning tips?

    Yes, you are tight. No silicone.... Thanks
  5. Tireguy63

    Seat cleaning tips?

    Yes, you are right armor all would make it quite slippery. Simple Green is good stuff..... Thanks
  6. Tireguy63

    Seat cleaning tips?

    Hello fellow thumpers! The WR450 is an amazing bike...I am in love. Went riding yestyerday in a state park in Missouri and had a great time. I have the 07 WR450 I am really particular about cleaning after a ride. My seat has some mud on it...would a soft nylon brush with warm soapy water work to get the mud off? Then I thought using Armor All will give it a nice shine...is Armor All safe for the seat? Thanks for your advice guys. Jeff
  7. Tireguy63

    New user here/2006 KLX 300R and KLX 110

    Thanks Martunes. I really enjoyed reading your posts with Bill P. I was born in Mountain View up by san Fran and California has the best riding spots!! I am really excited to go riding with my son. I am getting a three rail trailer to pull behind my Honda Odyssey as I have a 3 1/2 yr old son that I will be buying a "50" for when he is old enough. Have a good one and happy riding---I hope you make many great memories with your son as well.
  8. Tireguy63

    New user here/2006 KLX 300R and KLX 110

    Thank you Bill. I have really liked reading your posts about riding in Southern California, I was born in Mountain View up by San Fran and love the West coast--the best riding spots are there.
  9. Hello all KLX lovers!! I am a new user in St Peters Missouri and I am going to be buying a 2006 KLX 300R for myself and an 06 KLX110 for my 7 yr old son. I have done a lot of research on this site and Planet KLX and they seem like great bikes for recreational riding. My son and I are excited to ride together and create memories. NO 4-wheelers here!! No way!!! I had a question about replacing the stock clutch springs on both bikes with stiffer ones so they will last longer...is this recommended?