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  1. riderxx

    200+ pounders riding a wr250r?

    Another lightweight here, 225 lbs, 5'11". The WRR works great for me, went one down on front sprocket, no ill effects, but much better in sand, woods, tight trails. Wheelies good in 1st and second gear. Goes pretty good on the street, too. I can pass cars when needed, but you are wringing that little motor out! Went from three bikes to this one and lovin' it! Got the dirt bagz and can haul a 12 pack, groceries, small stuff from the hardware store. Great practical and fun machine.
  2. riderxx

    WR250R TT Skid Plate Harmonics

    After a failed attempt with rubber washers, I cut up an old innertube into strips and glues a three strips on the skid plate between the two front mounting holes, this kept the plat of the metal mounting bracked on the bike; then I glued two strips along the rear frame rails, where the plate made meta to metal contact. I also drilled a bunch of holes in the plate. Problem solved, can;t even tell its there now. It took some trial and error. For the money we're paying, these skid plates ought to be sold with damping built in and with better quality hardware. The stock bolts are too short and poor quality in my opinion. I replaced them with hex bolts, somewhat longer, made putting the plate on a lot easier, especially with the rubber attached.
  3. riderxx

    Is the WR250R (or X) an old man's motorcycle?

    47...but act like a 15 year old on this bike. Now that it's got a few miles on it (600) the motor seems to have loosened up and pulls better. I can power wheely in 1st and 2nd in the dirt. Have added skid plate, dirt bagz and am installing Protaper atv high bars with Ascerbis rally pro guards today. Funny thing is after trying all kinds of street bikes and large dual sports, this bike makes me smile the most. My buddy on HD 2003 dyna was shocked he couldn't shake me on the backroads, and only barely on long straights. Off topic, went to see the NETRA observed trials Saturday in Highgate, VT. Wow, they can ride! Makes you want to find a used trials bike for plonking around.
  4. riderxx

    WR 250R Pricing???

    $5600.00 including registration. No tax because I sold another bike within 90 days of registering the WRR one. Dealer had two on the floor. I would start out offering $5500.00.
  5. riderxx

    WR250R TT Skid Plate Harmonics

    I have the same problem with the Ricochet skid plate which looks identical to the TT one. The noise made me think I had fried the motor until if figured out it was the skid plate vibrating against the contact points with the frame. Am going to drill some holes with a buddy's drill press and glue some ribber innertube strips where the plate touches the frame rails. Other than that the WRR is working out great!
  6. riderxx

    DR650 to WR250R anyone yet?

    After second extended test ride, bought one for $5564. Will pick it up in a week. Really liked the down low 1st gear for plonking around and the overdrive 5th and 6th for the road. I think I can get the wheelying figured out once I get to know the powerband. This will be a fun bike to ride on trails, dirt roads and around town. Perfect for the kind of riding I do at the moment. The power is fine as long as the revs are up. My 2005 DR650 is for sale, see Vermont Craigslist if interested. Anyone know where can I get the rear rack I have seen posted around here? Couldn't find it on Yamaha's website. Will get some pics up in a week or two. Thanks for all the input!!
  7. riderxx

    DR650 to WR250R anyone yet?

    Steveakus, can you let us know what happens when you get a fuel controller Power Commander, etc) on the WRR? The comments here are not making me want to keep the DR for the rest of the summer and there are some WRRs to be had at the local dealers. I think its great when people can go from a R1 or large dual sport to a high-tech 250. I've had a bunch of big bikes lately (FZ1, VTX 1800, Roadliner, V-Strom 650, etc) and now DR650, but for local street and trail riding, which is all I really can do at this time, the WRR looks like the ticket. If I get one, I'll post up with pics. have a great weekend WRR riders!
  8. riderxx

    DR650 to WR250R anyone yet?

    ok, you guys are making this a little easier. Racer83 i'll see if I can find any Idaho 100 Enduro news on the net to check it out. Sounds like your break-in went ok. Thanks Timothys..I should have named this thread "any big dual sport to WRR", since the DR, XRL and KLR are all in the same category, more or less. I would probably put Dunlop D606's on a WRR..maybe take the stockers right off based on your comments about off road performance.
  9. riderxx

    DR650 to WR250R anyone yet?

    Thanks Sensei. Well you got 1/4 of the R1. Did you consider anything else for a dual sport, like a plated WR450, etc?
  10. riderxx

    DR650 to WR250R anyone yet?

    Thanks SjSabre. That's what I was hoping to hear and it sounds like the WRR pulls you around just fine. I'm gonna try to get another test ride later this week. I don't think the 250 will gain all that much from mods, its a 250! It might be like trying to hop up a V-strom 650 (owned one), not really done successfully too much because its set up pretty good from the factory. I wouldn't spend any real money tweaking the performance of the WRR so I better make sure I can live with it as it is. Part of me says get a Husky TE610 or plate a WR450 so the power is never an issue. But it just sounds like fun to wring out a little 250 and be able to throw it around in the woods and on the road. Normal logic is not working here for me. Any other reviews from 200+ folks?
  11. riderxx

    DR650 to WR250R anyone yet?

    Thanks for responses so far....any other big people got any comments about this bikes ability to haul you around trails and roads?
  12. Hello WR250R owners...Has anyone gone from a DR650 to a WR250R yet? I am doing more woods and trail riding with my DR650 and as you probably know, it's too much on tight trails and hard to pick up. It is great on the road to the trails though. I test rode a WR250R yesterday for about 20 minutes on gravel and paved roads here in Vermont and it was a blast, but I could not wheely it in 1st gear like the DR. Probably need more clutching. Anyway, the WR got up to 60mph on the road faster than the DR and I suspect it will be easier to manage on the trails too. Got to rev it out to get moving, like the KX125 I had when I was 15 (32 years ago..ouch!). Not necessarily a bad thing to me. If anyone has any thoughts about going from the DR (or other big dual sports) to the WR250R I would like to hear them. Especially people over 200lbs. Since DirtBagzs makes a set for the WR I am really close to calling the dealer and getting one, so I can use it around town for getting food and beer with the saddlebags. I would use it for 50/50 non-highway street and dirt roads/tight trails. Also, has anyone installed a power commander yet and can reveal the results? This site has the most info on the WR250R, so thanks in advance for any comments.