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    scotts steering dampner

    anyone ever had one of these apart? the clicker on the dial doesn't hold in place, so when i'm riding it will tighten up, or loosen up on it's own, kinda makes for some interesting riding.

    Sawmill Enduro/Middle Creek 5/6/06

    lookin for the video taken by the guys filming their buddy pulling a great wheelie at cc camp, the wheelie was great, but touchdown wasn't, any info on their website to check it out would be great

    carb question

    can anyone out there help me with what i hope is a real simple fix. my 2000 drz400e carb has on the left side of it what is best descibed as a second fuel pump/accelerator pump? this thing keeps on giving me fits, sucking air. i have taken it off and put it on a flat surface with real fine sand paper and tried to true it up. worked for awhile, and is now sucking air again. my question, do i really need it? is there a real need for it? any help/advice on this would be greatly appreciated. also any little tricks for this year bike would help too.

    Adustable Needles

    Up A Click Or Down To Lean Out Fuel Mixture? Also Any Tricks Or Tips To Really Bring Throttle Response Up On My 2000 Drz400e I Recently Rode A Yamaha 400 Yes It Was A Motorcross Bike And I Know They Are Set Up Differant But It Would Be Nice To Get The Snap They Have In My Dr