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  1. dbarnaby2

    new 400 exc jet kit?

    I ride with my sons and my 400 gets too hot when I stop to wait for them or go too slow. The KTM radiator kit bolts right on to the rad. and is a nice kit for $90 or so. Ijust put it on but a friend swears by it.
  2. dbarnaby2

    400exc or 450 exc for woods?

    I have a 400 EXC here in Michigan woods and it's awesome, better than the 300EXC and XR400 that I owned before it.
  3. dbarnaby2

    How to replace CRF 50 forks

    Thanks soo much for all the quick replies. This forum is awesome!!!
  4. My son bent his fork tubes on his new crf 50. Anybody know the procedure to replace the tubes. Looks like a circlip on the bottom and bolt on top? Is there oil in them. Any manual pdf or anything that would help would be appreciated...