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  1. i have the kenda k270 front 21x3.25 and a maxxis 6006 130/80-17 the front has 7000 miles on it and i just fipped directions so it will wear even. and the 6006 has 4000 miles and it will probably go another 2000 miles. i run these at a high PSI on the street (36psi) and on the dirt i air down to around 20psi. works great!
  2. same thing happened to me i put one of the starter gears in backwards. take it apart and flip the gear that meshes with the flywheel... its probably on backwards. my motor wouldnt even spin id just press the starter and it would click.... took it apart flipped the gear around and it started right up
  3. ive done that and he told me to sell it but i refuse to sell the thing unless i own it, so i told him to sell it to me and ill sell it i told him to come by my shop write me a bill of sale ill pay him for the bike and he can go on his way, he said no, and hung up in my face, he thinks im just going to sell it for him and take my cut. im not going to do that. im not even sure if this kid that owes me owns it now... how do i know? why should i sell it for him anyways?? hes taken advantage of my storage and everything else why should i be his bike broker also? fvck that he owns it he can sell it im not dealing with it i just repaired it and i just want to get paid for my work and i dont care what he does with the bike.
  4. def not stock its got a race tech suspension, platnum pipe, pro circuit silencer, protaper bars. i dont know if the reeds are stock they are dual stage with fiberglass and carbon fiber flaps. all i know is the bike rips, i take it through the woods and the thing is such a handfull to ride that im dead tired after a 1/2 hour. i think its been tuned for the track so it kinda sucks on the tight rooty single track.
  5. this kid doesnt have a permenent residence he used to live with his mom, then he moved to florida and hes back from florida for a little while. i wouldnt know an adress to send him the letter in the first place. every talk we have about the bike is over the phone. he used to do repo work so im scared of him stealing the bike from shop over night so he doesnt have to pay the bill. so i moved the bike to a friends house and its just going to sit and collect dust. hey gulley could you explain the power valve trimming? i hope its not hitting now... how could i tell if it is?
  6. problem solved. the tail light bulb socket has a ground wire crimped to the base. it looked fine on the out side no corrosion or anything, but it was all crappy on the inside i cut it and re-crimped it and now it lights up great.
  7. UPDATE: so he calls me and says he cant come up with the money to pay me so he wants me to sell it for $1500 take my cut and give him the rest. i told him i wont sell it for him unless he gives me a bill of sale. i mean i cant sell it i dont own it! so he said "just sell the thing!" and i said "i cant sell it unless i have some kind of proof of owner ship" he hung up in my face and hasnt called back. so what do i do now? i called the environmental police and read them the VIN they said it wasnt stolen.
  8. as the title says, no rear lights. my fuse box ony has fuses for the headlights no tails. does anybody know where a fuse for the tail lights might be located? im lost. and the blinkers do work just no tails or plate light....ugh
  9. could be the floats in your carb arent adjusted right
  10. southshore near the capeway rovers track
  11. yea i thought the retard comment was good also. i started to laugh when i first read it but then realized it was directed at me..... and then i stopped laughing
  12. what aint over yet? what could get legal? he has no problem paying me... he told me that last time we talked. but i havent heard from him in 3 months. at first i told him to come over ill help him and he can hook me up with some beers. he wasnt interested he said "id rather just pay you and pick it up" but its the "pick it up" that worries me. if i dont hear from him for another year, 2 years etc what do i do? what would you do Jsned? if you were in my predicament? and dont say give it to him because i just established that i have no way of getting ahold of him.
  13. destroy it doing what im doing??? what am i doing? posting questions? i havent retarded or advanced the timing at all its straight up the lines line up. i just flipped the reeds last night. im gonna buy some loctite tonight and loctitie the screws to the cage. after that the bike should be good to go. how would you suggest i give the bike back to someone i dont have thier number, and dont know where they live, i used to know where he worked but last i heard he got fired and he has been out work for months.
  14. i own a bunch of tools and have rebuilt a few fourstrokes dirtbikes before. I dont work at a bike shop, im sure if i did i wouldnt have such remedial questions for you gurus . i do this purely on the side on weekends and stuff. Im a Mechanical Design Draftsman by trade
  15. yea im not racing it and im sure ill end up putting a max of 10 hours on the thing so i think i can ride it a little i mean sheesh the thing has been sitting in my shop for a year now. i know if i owned this thing and kept it at someones house for free id let them ride it. if i break somthing ill replace it.