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  1. It has a different part number because the be airbox uses only two bolts on the top rail vs the 4 that the "older" style uses
  2. Leave the boot attached, pull the silencer and the top bolt and bottom two on the subframe and just move it to the side, the boot is rubbery enough to just flex over to allow the shock to slide out
  3. Pro taper Windham bend, not a low bar, not a high bar, just right to keep you in attack position
  4. I see Suzuki making minor refinements to the same bike still without actually changing the bike lol
  5. 35 first class, 25 for second class, 10 gate fee, all the fun n the world... Priceless
  6. I run the pro taper quick adjust, not the pro version but the cheaper one, works great
  7. Pretty easy and cheap to just buy the airbox for the 15 and bolt it on
  8. They did not make a trail version in 08
  9. Wow...some hate in here
  10. I used to sell and buy new every year, just loved a fresh bike I wouldn't need to put any big money into through the race season. Just put my suspension on and rail it!
  11. Remove the same as any other wheel bearing, a hammer and punch
  12. A kit for supercross is nice but when my suspension tech accomplishes the same smooth action with his set up at 1/12 the price I say it's over priced!
  13. Anyone got the spec for the nuts that attach the header to the head?