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  1. Wow there are a lot of imature people on thumper talk. I'm not a big Barcia fan, but as a rider, you never want to see a guy take a hit like that.
  2. Well thats a bummer, hope you're ankle gets better. Yeah he has peaked the face of that jump since labor day or so.
  3. cmanz28, what is you're number. When I was leaving, I seen you hoping around like you hurt you're foot. Where you on the Cr two stroke ?
  4. Hey I took that picture lol, and I'm headed out right now to take more.
  5. turbonetic05, you're are doing a fine job, plenty good for just starting out. Baja, can be a tough track. If you get a chance, check out valleymotocross, it's a great tack for all skill levels. Keep at it, speed and the jumps will come. Take care
  6. Thanks for the kind words guys. The camera is a nikon D90. Mephistophiles, the shutter speeds are slow 125-160 and It's really the way I like to shoot, with the wheels spinning, and blurry backgrounds. I rarely shoot with high shutter speeds. Yeah the last one is my best picture to date, the track was really rough, and I knew I could get some good shots through the braking bumps. Thanks again
  7. Hello I'm fairly new to taking motocross photo's, and I think they're pretty good what do you guys think. I'm really proud of the last shot. Thank you
  8. You're welcome. If I see you at the track in the future, I'll get some more pics of you. Here are a few more I took that day
  9. avoidthedog Great video. Tracks? redbud, morelands, what track had that table top / step-up?
  10. Supercross

    RacerX says poto's out for second moto...bummer.
  11. Supercross

    Who are you? Do people here actually ride. Get a clue before you post stupid comments.
  12. While I'm trying to find more footage, intermission time.
  13. crfktmfan- I found that clip on the web, I'm hoping there will be more clips of the race on youtube.
  14. I'm telling you guys, I believe with all my heart it was a deliberate takeout. good one, made me laugh.