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  1. dougchurch

    CBS v Speed

    I hate watching Supercross on CBS. Who cares about pit parties and R/C cars?!?!? We want to see the race. On the other hand, I do appreciate a mainstream TV network broadcasting supercross. That's only one thing that's bothering me this year though. Why do Emig and Shaheen talk constantly about Ken Roczen? I'm not questioning that he's a good rider with great potential. But he's sixth in the points and they talk more about him than any other rider. They'll follow him around the track even when he's mid-pack. Forget running publicity for Roczen, follow the race!
  2. dougchurch

    Plastic Acerbis Skid Plate Issues?

    I had the same issues on my 2008 450R. It was brand new, I know it wasn't tweaked. I had to drill out new holes on top--so far off center that I had to use different washers. I also had to take of a bunch of plastic under the brake. Once I got it working I love it though. I run an aluminum plate on a 250X and it reflects back a LOT of engine noise. The Acerbis plate didn't add any noise at all.
  3. dougchurch

    Acerbis Skid Plate Report

    Glad you guys are having such good results with your Acerbis Skid plates. I bought one for my 2008 CRF450R and it had several significant fit problems. I had to drill out new holes on the top frame mounts (and make new washers that would allow them to fit right into the corner). Also, the right side of the plate stuck out under the brake pedal (not when I moved it by hand in the garage, but when I hit it with my foot while riding). I had to take off 3/8" with a belt sander. Now that it fits, I'm glad to hear that it was worth all the hassle!
  4. dougchurch

    Meet my CRFXR400X-A

    Thanks for sharing your project. I'm impressed with your creativity and your commitment, both to riding and to spending time with your son. My "little guy" is only 14, but he's already way to fast for me. It's great to see them develop, but hard to wear out before you're ready to stop riding! One question though. Did you consider putting in a heavier flywheel? That's one modification I've been considering doing to try and mellow-out my 2008 CRF450R a little bit. You've put a lot of thought into your upgrades, I'm curious what your research told you about this? Thanks,
  5. dougchurch

    Anyone Put a GPS on their DRZ???

    I've used both Garmin Etrex Basic and Etrex Legend on my DRZ and CRF bikes for several years. We purchased standard bicycle handlebar mounts (about $30) and put them on using several layers of innertube rubber around the crossbar. I loop the stap around the handlbar for safety, but I've never had a GPS come off. The only problem is that occasionally they will shut down as the battery is bounced loose from the little metal connector inside. This is a common problem with the Garmin units, but it can be fixed by putting a piece of rubber band under the battery connections to make the battery tighter. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=76073
  6. dougchurch

    Idaho riders

    How do you get from Hemmingway, or Rabbit Creek, to Silver City?