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  1. If the bike ever had a title, and it is lost now, there isn't much you can do without finding the original owner. Typically, with a lost title, you send a certified letter to the original owner (or who had the last title) and they release the title to you. The other option is to get a titled frame from a blown up bike and swap your good engine into the titled frame. eBay is full of titled frame from blown up early 2000's MXers.
  2. Idaho

    I'll be at Hemmingway tomorrow, about 9:40, a 4 door Chevy Diesel and Harbor Freight trailer, newish KTM 450 and white XR600. Come ride.
  3. Idaho

    I'm totally there. Need to swap back to trail gearing and ride there before it gets too busy.
  4. Idaho

    I can't believe it's open yet. Were the trails slop? Was the ridge road open? If so, did you get a peek at the eastern-facing side?
  5. Idaho

    Up 8th Street?
  6. Idaho

    I'm riding somewhere around Murphy on Sunday mornin'. XR600 and CR500AF, Medium pace. No sand washes. Any takers?
  7. Try posting this in the "Northwest" forum. There's an active group of riders that get together frequently who can show you around.
  8. Idaho

    This thread needs some life. It looks like I'll have Friday's off from here on out and can ride from time to time. Anyone else have Friday's off?
    Complete junk. Less than the sum of its parts. The bike bends a brake lever or shifter falling over from a stop. The oil from the engine floods the airbox when it falls over. Levers are made of cheese. Plastic shatters in a stiff breeze.
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    Restored and as good as a mid-1980s XR250 can be which is to say not very good. My wife rides it.
    Restored and as good as a mid-1980s XR250 can be which is to say not very good. My wife rides it.
  10. Idaho

    Anyone up for a midwinter ride? I'll be riding from Rabbit Creek or Silver City Road on Sunday and going out for a few hours. I'll be on an XR600 and the guy I'm with is on a CR500AF. We'll ride till he runs out of gas or the bike kills him. Unload spot is depending on the snow level. I know a bunch of mildly interesting low mountain singletrack that'l likely below the snow level off Silver City Road.
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    Owned it 10 years. Best engine in motorcycledom.
    Owned it 10 years. Best engine in motorcycledom.
  12. I used Mobil 1 Red Cap (automotive) in my XR200 for three years... never had to even adjust the clutch. I also ran it in my XR100s, XR350, and my XR600. Never did a clutch on any of them (my 600 has around 10,000 miles now). In stock form the 200 is so weak you can pretty much run whatever oil you like. I run 5-30 when it's really really cold (>20F), 10-40 when it's cold (~20F-50F) and 15-50 when it's warm/hot out. "O"