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  1. hot4speed

    Back to dirt

    I went into a motoshop here in Ohio and sat on a bunch of bikes. The TTR125E was the most comfortable and the seat height was manageable. I think I can pick it up if i can pick up my gsxr600 at 355 lbs. Thanks for the tips, Gary!
  2. hot4speed

    Back to dirt

    Hey girls! Thanks for all the welcomes and tips. Carolyn, Nathan said that I can keep the gixxer! Yay! It's going to cost an arm and a leg to ship though. As for me outgrowing the TTR, I may since I have been riding street for almost 2 years now and may want something a bit more aggressive. I will be riding it mostly on trails and backroads. Eventually, I would like to ride dirt but I will probably need a bigger bike for that. So if not the TTR, what would y'all suggest? Keep in mind that I'm barely 5'0" and 105 lbs.
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    Thanks for all the welcomes and tips. So who can get me the best deal on the powerband??? He he.
  4. hot4speed


    Hello! My name is Christina and I've been riding sportbikes for the past year and a half and am looking to get back into riding dirt again. I'll be picking up a Yamaha TTR125 soon! Anyone else in Ohio?
  5. hot4speed

    Back to dirt

    Hi girls! I have been riding sportbikes for the past year and a half and want to get back to riding dirtbikes again. I'l be purchasing the Yamaha TTR125E in several weeks. Are any of you girls in Ohio?