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  1. cyclesico

    400s lowering link ?

    I have just purchased a 2001 400s with a kuboda2 links.I would like to bring it back to stock heigth..will any or all years/models work....thanks in advance
  2. 83 xr 500 i dont have a title . bought of friend. is it a big deal ? thanks for any info . toledo ohio.
  3. just pulled my bike out of garage after 8 years...changed oil..new gas.[tank and carb were drained before i put away] put on new.used e bay shock..went for a ride...next day no spark.checked kill sw.ect plug.bike has always run good.i have owned it for 15 yrs.6k miles valve cover leaks so bad i stoped riding it ...smokey.. want to get back in action. how do i check the stator ect.thanks for any help..awsome forum
  4. cyclesico

    82 xl500 no spark

    just road 2 days ago. replaced plug. and checked kill switches.no spark what gives thanks