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  1. Magdezracer

    Plates and screws in ankle. Boot suggestions?

    I shattered my Calcanus (heal) about 3 years ago. I have a plate and 12 screws in it. I walk ok, except it is a little tough on uneven ground. I had almost new Tech 8 boots that I could not wear after recovery. I went down to a couple of bike shops and tried on every boot that I could find. The SIDI Crossfire was the most comfortable boot for me. Every foot and break is unique. Try on as many boots as you can and buy the one that works the best for you. Good luck to you. I am still racing desert here in District 37 regularly.
  2. Magdezracer

    Calcaneus break

    I broke mine in Feb of 2010. Multiple fractures, many pieces of bone had to be repositioned. Four hour surgery, 12 screws and plates. I can walk pretty well now, foot movement up and down is good, side motion for uneven surfaces not so good. I spent a whole day on my feet at the fair a couple of weeks ago. Started limping after about 6 hours and had a hard time the next day. A day of rest and I was good to go. Walking is fine. I look down when walking trails or in the desert. An unseen rock, root, uneven surface hurts! I race desert here in So Cal. It took awhile to build up my strength, but I race witout problem for the most part. Had to buy some new boots, my Tech 8's hurt my foot. My Sidi SRS are terrific. I lift my foot off the peg when going through rock gardens of bowling ball sized rocks now. You will learn to do things a little differently. I can usually do a 100 mile race without a problem now. Some swelling that night and the next day. Good luck to you! Work hard with your P.T. Don't give up. The pain will get less. Oh by the way, I am 58 now, so age should not be a factor for you. Doug
  3. Magdezracer

    Replacing wood boards on a utility trailer

    Maurice, Can you cut out a small piece of the angle, just 1 board wide. Then you pull the boards out and re-insert them through the access port that you made. It would be easier than grinding the whole bead off. It should be easy to bolt a small piece of flat steel to the angle when you are done to repair that. No welding required this way either. Come by the HBMC camp and ask for Doug, if you are going to the 4 Aces this weekend.
  4. Magdezracer

    R U a racer? Looking for some advice....

    Yeah, I don't think they have a web site. Go to district37ama.org then to the offroad forum and put on a shout for the Desert Daisies, they will get back to you.
  5. Magdezracer

    R U a racer? Looking for some advice....

    Put up your question on the D 37 board, there are quite a few women that race enduros. Ask your questions on the Offroad section of the board.The Desert Daisies are women. Janine Kohls and Jannean Sapp are Daisies and also in United M/C. They are both really nice I am sure that they would be helpfull. At Enduros you can quit at any time and not get a DNF. Just plan on doing the first loop. Enduros are really fun! You can get your race #'s at sign ups for 2 dollars. It is your assigned minute plus a letter A-D. Four racers start every minute. Your race number will be different at every enduro. You might be 37c at one and 54D at the next. Do guest pit with a club at the very least. They will make sure that you get in if you break down or get hurt. Join a club when you find one that you click with. Stop by the HBMC camp the next time you are at a D-37 race and I will help clue you in. You can guest pit with us if you like. My name is Doug, and I am the President of HBMC. The next D-37 enduro is the Training Wheels Oct. 17 at Spangler Hills.
  6. Magdezracer

    For those of you on crutches

    I got mine about 3 weeks ago. It is a cool product for sure. Take your time getting used to walking with it, it takes a bit of practice. I broke my Calcanus (heal) and have a plate and 12 screws in it. No weight on my foot for 3 months the Dr. says. I have a removeable soft cast on it, and had to put a 1/4" piece of closed cell foam between my knee and the cast because of where the liner of cast ended. It was painfull to walk with it because of that seam in the middle of my knee. Much better now.
  7. Chickenhauler has the right idea. I would go one step further and bend a short right angle on the bottom portion. That would sit on the floor with a bolt through it. This way, the weight would transfer to the floor and not just hang on the wall or stud. Make sense?
  8. Magdezracer

    F150 OR Chevy 1500?

    I have an '01 1500 Sierra with the 5.3 and 4 sp auto, 3.73 rear end. +200,000 miles, I have rebuilt the trans, rearend, and replaced the fuel pump. One set of brakes. This is the best vehicle I have ever owned. I average 16 MPG city/hwy empty, and about 9 mpg pulling my 18' toyhauler. Yes, I have kind of a heavy foot.
  9. Magdezracer

    Fractured Calcaneal

    Dr. Mark, I fractured my left Calcaneal (heal) on Monday. Xrays in the emergency room, got a splint and went to the ortho on Tuesday. Ortho said the Xrays were not clear enough and I had a CT scan Tuesday afternoon. I go back Friday to determine the best options. Some concern about ligament or tendon damage and if the fracture was completly through the calcaneal. If it is, I was told I'd need screws and repair of any tears of tendons or ligaments of course. The ortho kept my Xrays so I can't post a copy of them. I won't see the CT scan untill tomorrow. Any questions that I should be asking? The orthos are a big sports clinic here in California. They did a good job on my torn Rotator Cuff 4 years ago. I'm 56 years old and I race desert, pretty good shape and active. I will be gratefull for any insights you can give! Thank You, Doug
  10. Magdezracer

    Dr. Mark Initiated into American College of Surgeons

    Congratulations Dr. Mark! I'll have to take a point away from you for being a NY spawn though. The time and effort you spend here on the board more than makes up for it though.
  11. It is time for new tires for my toyhauler also. It has 225 75 15 load range D tires also. Max weight for my TT is 10200 lbs. I have spent a week and a half researching tires. I will be buying the Maxxis 8008 225 75 15 in a load range E from Discount tires next week. They are a little over 700.00 otd with tire certs.
  12. I stopped by the TT camp on Saturday with my girlfriend. Talked to a small group of people. They said that most peeps had already left. Awesome riding after the rain Friday night.
  13. I race with a guy that wears a vest that bull riders wear. It looks hot, but he has not broken his ribs in a long time. He is in his middle 60's and still racing desert!
  14. Magdezracer

    Rusty Exhaust Bolts???

    I now use Kroil for my stuck and rusted bolts. It works better than PB Blaster in my experiance. I use it at work all the time. Do a google search for Kroil
  15. Magdezracer

    Skylight Replacement question

    Mine had inner and outer pieces too. I only needed the outer bubble. It was pretty easy to replace. I then had a cover made with snaps so that the sun would not make it crack again. The original was only 18 months old when it needed replacing.