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    Fishing, gaming (FPS) Call of Duty, Battlefield 2, snowboarding, and of course' "dirt bike riding"
  1. Boobytrap

    Is there any good riding near Jackson, MS?

    Alright Henry...good deal...my name is Jeff and I'm sending you an email, I'm also with comcast.
  2. Boobytrap

    Is there any good riding near Jackson, MS?

    Nice...congrats on your new dual sport, ya cant go wrong with a Honda! Yeah...cool! lets go ride...I found this place in the where2ride section of the forums, its called the corner lot resort, and its right outside of Jackson! I'm not much of a track rider but it couldn't hurt to check it out, I think there is an enduro trail there too. I'll PM ya, or make a new post when I get out to Mississippi. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/viewarea.php?t=522496
  3. Hey, riders of the south... I'll be moving near Jackson Mississippi here in December, I was kinda wondering where the good trails are. I'm leaving Colorado (which has the best trails in the country!) to pursue a great job opportunity in Jackson. I see there's a National Forest between Jackson and Meridian, that might be a good place for me to check first. I'm defintely gonna miss the good mountain riding of Colorado, but I'm looking forward to hooking up with some local mississippi riders, making new friends, and rippin' up the trails.
  4. Boobytrap

    palmer lake

    I live about 4 miles from this track. It is small, yet pretty fun still. Its been many years since I've riddin the track (im not much of a track rider, mostly just trails). But as I remember, I think that it is a private track with a gate and a lock, however you can pay a small fee and become a member in which you will recieve a key to the lock. I went with a friend who was a member at the time (this was many years ago). I still see riders out there alot on the weekends, but not too many as like I said, its a small track. I'll dig up some more info for ya and take a couple pics and post them this weekend.
  5. Boobytrap

    Is rampart ridable??

    Well, as I suspected Rampart is not ridable yet. Atleast not coming from Monument. I went up saturday and could not make it to the top( rampart range road). Two jeeps were stuck in 2-3 ft of snow. Many parts of the road have no snow at all, but there are still areas that have heavy amounts accumulated. The trails still have snow on them to but were getting there, probably another month from now will be riding.
  6. Boobytrap

    Is rampart ridable??

    I'm headed up to Rampart this weekend, I'll recon the area and report back with the situation. Not sure if I'll be in the same area you all like to ride at, but I'll try to get to Rampart Range Road, Rampart Reservoir area (coming from Monument). I dunno know though, I've been riding trails up there ever since 1987, and typically the trails aren't really ridable until late april early may. Although I have seen years when you could ride up there earilier than usual. Well, like everyone else I'm really "itching" to get riding so I'm gonna check it out.
  7. Boobytrap

    Need Help! Is my dealer full of it.

    Defintely remove all of the California green sticker emission stuff. The dealership will sell a kit for around $40. This will open the bike up quite a bit. Also grey wire mod is essential and a new exhaust system will really get that bike rippin'. I've got the same bike (06' 250f) and have done all of those mods, plus other stuff and my bike frickin' rips. Check out my garage if you want too, I got some pics in there. Good to see another Colorado rider in the forums. Good Luck.
  8. Boobytrap

    gas line 3.1 gal ims tank help

    Also, a good idea would be too use a ziptie to pull the line in a little bit so it won't easily get snagged on something. I did this, and I attached it to the static part of the clutch cable, of course not too tight though, you don't want to pinch off your fuel supply:eek: . (I did this after the picture was taken, so its not in the photo).
  9. Boobytrap

    gas line 3.1 gal ims tank help

    OK, here's how to route it: From the the petcock go toward the carb and around the backside and up over the round part that connects the airbox to the carburator, then bring the line back towards you and connect to the carb. Or just take a look at this picture in my Thumpertalk Garage, its a little easier than explaining it. http://www.thumpertalk.com/forum/garage.php?do=viewattachment&attachmentid=35556 Its pretty easy, its a good tank too, you'll be happy with it.
  10. Boobytrap

    Can I say no to the 07 WR?

    The $70 a month is a good deal if you can pay off the bike quickly. I bought mine with their financing last year. Of the the $70 payment, $45 goes to interest, and only $25 goes towards principle. Lately I've been making $500 or $600 payments on it per month. A good idea would be to get a new credit card (visa, mastercard, or something) that offers a 0% interest for 12 months, pay as much as you can. Then after 12 months do it over again, apply for a new credit card that offers 0% interest on balance transfers for 12 months. Repeat as necessary until you pay off the bike, basically avoiding all of the interest payments.
  11. Boobytrap


    Glamis is pretty cool. During New Years Holiday its basically the "Sturgis" of the off-road community. Its probably the most fun for the sandrails, but anything you ride could be a blast. Do a search in the pics&videos section for some sweet vids of glamis action. Check out this link... http://www.racerxfilms.com/Glamisfolder/Glamis1.html
  12. Boobytrap

    where in CO?

  13. Boobytrap

    Dual Sport the WR?

    Ok..Ichwarrior... we live in the same state, so here's the deal...you don't need turn signals, hand signals are all the law requires here, you will need: headlight tail light brake light mirror horn Thats it! The bike already has a headlight and tail light so no worries there, the brake light switch for the rear brake is around $25 I think, it can be wired up pretty easily too, I paid $15 for my mirror, it folds down towards the handlebars so you can tuck it out of the way when you don't need it. I raise my mirror up when I go through town and then fold it back down when I get to the mountain. The horn can be as simple as one of those girlie squeeze horns that you would see on a tricycle. So for less than $50 bucks in parts your street legal. And the brake light switch will screw into your rear brake hydraulic part and then there's just two wires, one goes to the battery, the other goes to your tail light. Look at the wiring diagram in the manual, the tail light should already be setup for a dual filament system, so no need for a resistor setup. So street legaling the WR in Colorado is pretty easy... now go get that bike!
  14. Boobytrap

    Dual Sport the WR?

    Spidennis...nice setup man, I think I'm gonna copy ya..
  15. Boobytrap

    Dual Sport the WR?

    One thing to keep in mind is that the wr250 is not a good bike for riding long distances at a high rate of speed. Mine maxs out at around 75mph. If you were to ride say 300 miles at 65 mph, your engine would be at high revs for a long time putting strain on the valves. My bike is dual-sported (street legal) but I really only ride 5 miles accross town to get to the mountain trails. Now a wr450 would be a better bike to ride long distance at 65 miles mph (constant speed). Not sure what you meant by dual-sport, but I know that some people want a dual sport bike to take long trips to mexico and stuff like that, definitely not something you want to do on a wr 250.