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  1. Motoxrdr450

    Oils And Pipe

    i have a 06 crf450r and am running hp4 oil never had any problems always run good, i had heard that alot of people are using motul 5100 15 50 any one use it how you like it? also was checkin out pro circut pipes lookin at the TI-4 gp low boy system any one have it? how u like it? did u have to rejet it?
  2. Motoxrdr450

    Michelin Tires

    the m12 is more of a mud tire because the knobs are more spaced so the mud dosent get caked in the tire, the mh3 is a all around tire and has great tread life i love it
  3. Motoxrdr450

    Pro Honda Oil?

    i use hp4 with moly in the motor and the hp4 without moly in the tranny, never had any probs runs like a champ
  4. Motoxrdr450

    Loose Spokes

    i have a 06 450r and every single ride have had to tighten my rear spokes, they back off the threads like crazy and i dont no why:confused: . ive tighten them and listen for that little ping on them and go and ride and thier loose at the end of the day any suggestions thanks
  5. Motoxrdr450

    Radiator Braces

    i have a 06 450 r and have devol radiator braces and i have no prob, they work great and dont hit nothing, i never had to modify nothing
  6. Motoxrdr450

    Graphics Kit!!

    im lookin for a cool graphics kit for my 06 crf450r any suggestions, i like the amsoil but i dont think tey make it anymore
  7. Motoxrdr450

    Need radiator guards. Suggestions?

    i have devol radiator guards on my crf450r and they are amzing, ive taken som hard spills and they work great and thier vented so no over heating a lil modifying but very simpe on my bike
  8. Motoxrdr450

    06 crf overheating?

    i have a 06 to and ive only had it over heat once when i was letting it idle for a while but that was it u should use the honda 50/50 coolant works hella good
  9. goin to washington city in Cali, i was wonderin if anyone new the red sticker season. thanks
  10. Motoxrdr450

    Washington city?

    was wonderin if any one has been to a place called washington city in cali and if they liked it? do u no if u can ride red sticker there and wut the season is. thanks
  11. Motoxrdr450

    how loud

    i have a 06 450r and with the stock end cap and everything it was like 102 they said and when i swapped out end caps and put a spark aresster it actually brough it down to 98 or 99
  12. Motoxrdr450

    crf 450r header glowing red

    yea mine did the samething its no big deal
  13. Motoxrdr450

    Pismo Raptor 700

    hey im goin down to pismo on my raptor 700 and was wonderin if anyone has takin thier 700 down thier or rode it in the dunes, howd it run, and everything, anything u did to make it better or stuff like that thanks, mine is all stock but i do have paddle tires
  14. Motoxrdr450

    Jawbone, How is it?

    cool thanks for the info, im planning on getin a bigger tank and me and my buddys are goin to go down thier, but ill let u no it probly wont be for a couple months
  15. Motoxrdr450

    Jawbone, How is it?

    Thinkin bout goin to jawbone, asked some people about it and some said they love it and others say its ok what do you guys think? I have a 06 crf450R anything in particular i should do before i go thanks