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  1. Anybody in the Central Valley Ca.(Visalia) area know how to swap a cam & piston on a 2005 CRF 250R? I have a Hotcam 2 and JE Piston. I have heard that this can be a tricky project but once you see it done you should be able to do this fairly easy. How much would this project cost for labor? Also what is the difference between a wet install or dry install of piston? Any help is greatly appreciated! Ben
  2. Friends from work were out there two weeks ago and they said that "they were not the only ones out there". There were other riders. Nothing happend, so maybe they got lucky!!! Let us know the outcome because I really liked riding out there!!!
  3. http://store.bobscycle.com/browse.cfm/4,89418.htm
  4. I am personally a Chevy faithful, but that Tundra is huge!!!
  5. Ricky Johnson and Brian Swink in the minis:thumbsup:
  6. I just bought some Shift over the boot pants from Bob's Cycle Supply for $29.99. http://store.bobscycle.com/search.htm?searchterm=SHIFT+ASSAULT+RIDE+PANTS&step=2&viewfrom=1&numresults=10
  7. I DONT!!! That is the worst thing to drink before a run. I usually stick with water. When I do have an energy drink, I will have a redline. there is way too much sugar in the monsters, Rockstars etc. When you see Carmichael, Stewart or whoever taking a swig of their sponsor drink I bet you there is probably water in it rather than what is on the can. JMHO
  8. I also tap the front brake!!!
  9. Leopard, Where do you find all of this material? Is a "spode" a wannabe "goon"?
  10. It's my therapy.
  11. I totally agree, That bike was trick!
  12. When going up the hill and you are not going to make it, turn right when laying the bike down. It is easier to kickstart the bike with the kicker facing away from the hill than towards it. It probably doesnt make sense by reading this but trust me your better off. Second tip is dont take any hills you dont feel comfortable with and third, Have fun!
  13. A less pungent aroma??? I love the pungent aroma:thumbsup: ,but for 2% more power than the old U4 I guess I can deal with it..
  14. Supercross

    Hey Tommy, thanks for the post:thumbsup: I will definitaly watch, I was there when they came to Fresno and Darcy Lange cleaned house that night.