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  1. slo rider

    Lectrons worth it on YZ250s?

    What mileage did you get on the same terrain with a well setup PWK? I believe those metering needle carbs are efficient but mileage numbers are relative to usage pattern. About 40 miles/tank.
  2. slo rider

    Lectrons worth it on YZ250s?

    I run one on my YZ and have been happy with it. Best perk is I can get 70 miles out of the stock tank.
  3. slo rider

    Motorcycle Suspension Tuners: Stillwell or LT?

    Another vote for LTR. I had him do my Husky years ago and just had him do my YZ. When I dropped my stuff off he was just getting back to work from knee surgery and said it would be a few weeks until he could get to it. When I told him I was leaving for Moab the next week he hustled and got it all done in time.
  4. slo rider

    Ohlins TTX Suspension

    Time Left: 4 days and 21 hours

    • FOR SALE
    • USED

    I have a set of used Ohlins TTX fork cartridges and a TTX shock off of my 2007 Yamaha YZ250. Per the box the cartridges are intended for the YZ250F but will fit the YZ and should also fit the WR. There are some vice grip marks on some of the fork internals courtesy of a local suspension shop service as shown in the pictures. Asking $1200 shipped CON US


    , WA

  5. slo rider

    Muddy radiators

    For really muddy races I'll put panty hose over the louvers. That keeps the mud from building up on the radiators and the heat off the motor/radiators will generally dry the mud enough so it just falls off.
  6. slo rider

    Picture Tread! Where did you all ride this weekend?

    That bridge was out last summer too. I reported it on the Cle Elum Rangers site but looks like they haven't gotten to it yet.
  7. slo rider

    Beginner Motocross coaching

    May be farther than you want to travel. http://www.ewmxschools.com/index.html
  8. slo rider

    Do you ride and carry

  9. slo rider

    Tahuya Mission creek staging

    The label alone told you it was full of piss ;-)
  10. slo rider

    Tahuya Mission creek staging

    Time to leave out a gas can with some high octane gas/diesel/water/piss mix.......
  11. slo rider

    Belfair + Sunshine = Quads & Retards !

    Come ride Walker with us.........
  12. slo rider

    Are you afraid?

    Had a similar experience going the other way. Going uphill in the snow and the front tire hit a rock and took a bad bounce, one of those little cedar trees caught the bike. That's when I looked around and realized how dumb we were being. Now I stick to the other side of the mountain.
  13. slo rider

    Anyone run a lectron on there yz250?

    Minor fiddling with the metering rod and power jet on initial setup, then nothing.
  14. slo rider

    Anyone run a lectron on there yz250?

    I have one on my '07 250 as well as my Husky 125 and am a fan. On the YZ I had to remove the reed cage spacer and the airboot touches the shock spring, but isn't actually wearing through. I've ridden from sea level to 7k ft with no need for adjustment, and with the stock tank I can go 65-70 miles.
  15. slo rider

    Embarrassing post. Update...

    Did the exact same thing a few months ago. Tried pull starting it with the truck. Swapped the plug multiple times. Went to pull the carb and found the paper towel.