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  1. +1
  2. The label alone told you it was full of piss ;-)
  3. Time to leave out a gas can with some high octane gas/diesel/water/piss mix.......
  4. Come ride Walker with us.........
  5. Had a similar experience going the other way. Going uphill in the snow and the front tire hit a rock and took a bad bounce, one of those little cedar trees caught the bike. That's when I looked around and realized how dumb we were being. Now I stick to the other side of the mountain.
  6. Minor fiddling with the metering rod and power jet on initial setup, then nothing.
  7. I have one on my '07 250 as well as my Husky 125 and am a fan. On the YZ I had to remove the reed cage spacer and the airboot touches the shock spring, but isn't actually wearing through. I've ridden from sea level to 7k ft with no need for adjustment, and with the stock tank I can go 65-70 miles.
  8. Did the exact same thing a few months ago. Tried pull starting it with the truck. Swapped the plug multiple times. Went to pull the carb and found the paper towel.
  9. Am planning to go up there Saturday. Guess I'll take the saw.......
  10. I packed a saw and we cut 5 trees out before we hit snow and turned around.
  11. We managed 43 miles last weekend Jeff. Started out on North Ridge but ran into snow 4.5 miles in. Re-staged at Woods and Steele and managed to do a good loop without encountering any snow or downed trees.
  12. Would love to but I'm heading to Japan for work.
  13. I like your optimism Jeff.
  14. I had the same thing happen to my Husky. I tried the heli-coil fix, but it came out the first time I removed the drain plug. I ended up making an extension out of some aluminum round stock with internal threads for the drain plug and welding that to the bottom of the case.
  15. Anyone seen a flyer or route sheet? The link on the NMA website is a dead end and I don't see anything on the Bremerton Cruisers website.
  16. Thanks. Looking forward to it!
  17. He still comes back and does classes in the US.
  18. I've been running a Lectron on my 07 YZ for about 3 years now. Stock I could squeeze 40 miles out of a tank. With the Lectron I've done 65 miles on the stock tank. The biggest hassle I had when installing was getting the right throttle cable, the one they sent me was 6-8" too long. Other then that I made 1/2 turn adjustment on the metering rod and haven't touched it yet, ride from sea level-7k ft with no issues.
  19. As the great Shane Watts said "I'd rather ride a slow bike fast than a fast bike slow".
  20. Washington

    Russ, joining PSERs also involves going to club meetings, doing trail work for their 2 big events, and volunteering to work at least one of the events. No such thing as a free lunch.
  21. When I was racing HS all the time I used Palm Armor, which was essentially just mole skin pre-cut to fit your hand. Google doesn't turn up anything though so maybe they've gone out of business. They worked well, only downsides were they could be a pain to get on, and then once you put your gloves on you couldn't take them off. For enduros I use the PalmSavers or Moose racing glove liners with the fingers cutoff. Both work ok. I also put some baby powder in my gloves which seems to help. The real trick is to relax and not death grip the bars.
  22. I raced a KTM 250SXF for a couple seasons but sold it after the motor went Boom one too many times and went back to all 2-strokes. I think I'm probably faster on the 4-stroke, but the maintenance is so much cheaper and easier on the 2-stroke plus it has the giggle factor. I did a Yamaha demo day a few months ago and rode the 250FX and 250X back to back. To me the FX seemed to make more noise than power and I preferred the X. But that was a short test in pretty muddy conditions.
  23. I put one on my 07 250 mainly because the first time I rode it the clutch pull was pretty heavy and my clutch hand was shot after 30 miles. Even with the Rekluse I can still loft the front end over anything I need to and it has definitely saved me from some stalls. I know some people remove the clutch lever completely and run the LHRB, but I still use my clutch just as if the Rekluse wasn't there.
  24. Idaho

    Would you mind taking some more detailed pics of your carrier? I'm gathering ideas to make one.
  25. I wouldn't worry, I have a Lectron on my '07 that fits the same way. Been running it for 2 years and no signs of wear on the airboot.