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  1. wrmark185

    IMS Tank Question

    Mine came with a thick rubber gasket that I used along with the o-ring that was already seated in the petcock. It seals great considering how rough the plastic is on that part of my tank.
  2. wrmark185

    trouble editing samsung footage

    I have the same Samsung camera and have had the same problems with the green screen when trying to edit the videos with windows movie maker. The only fix I've found is to process the whole video to a WMV in the highest possible quality then edit the reprocessed video. I know it loses a little quality that way, but I'm lazy and it works.
  3. wrmark185

    What desert tanks do you recommend for the 06 wr450?

    I just put the IMS 3.4 gallon tank on my 05' wr450 and am very happy with it. Although we did a 99 mile ride on Saturday and found out that it holds 96 miles worth of gas. At least I know that the crossover hose works, the tank was bone dry.