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  1. Here is a pic from 2 weekends ago. Fun riding out there.
  2. 510

    Husky Memorial in January

    Check here http://thebannerisup.district37ama.org/places/husky-route.htm
  3. 510

    New TE450 and Cycra Handguards

    Unless you have two bolts in each side of the upper triple clamp the triple clamp mount will not work correctly. This is what I run on my 2006 TE450 http://http://store.cycraracing.com/prrapawiuclh.html I have thought of trying these http://http://store.cycraracing.com/prrapawisomo.html I believe you want to order them for 7/8 bar size.
  4. 510

    '06 TE 250 for $5500???

    $5500 sounds a bit high. Just to be sure you are well informed check this link. http://www.yamaha-motor.com/sport/products/modelhome/595/0/home.aspx
  5. 510

    How many hrs/miles on your 450 or 510

    2006 Te510 3,171 miles and 154 hrs. (mine) 2006 Te450 2,220 miles and 112 hrs. (hers) Regular oil changes and air filter cleaning on both bikes, valves checked at 1,000 miles and all was good. Drive chain and sprockets on both bikes are about ready to be replaced. We ride approximately 30% single track / 30% desert / 20% fire roads / 10% sand dunes / 10% street. My wife is often heard to say, "I love my Husky!!" , and I agree.
  6. 510

    IMS warning!

    A few pictures of my tank.
  7. 510

    IMS warning!

    I also had an IMS tank develop a weeping crack on the underside near or at a seam. Several days after a ride I was walking past my storage shed and caught a strong smell of gas. When I opened the shed I saw gas dripping off the bike and onto the floor. When I called IMS the informed me it was out of warranty because I bought it 13 months ago, but if I sent it to them they would inspect it and get back to me. Before sending it in I documented with pictures the crack as well as all other spots on the tank that showed excessive wear. Each spot was circled, numbered, photographed and a description of the wear written. When I sent the tank I included a copy of all the pictures and the description of what caused each wear spot. I had a new tank in just a few days.
  8. 510

    Are YOU in the 2007 brochure?

    Thanks for the link. My friend Glenn and I have a small pic as well. Lower left on page 3. Here is the original, taken near the dry (hopefully) lake bed on the Mojave Rd.
  9. Rob & Threejane, Thanks for the info. I will consider joining PANTRA, although the wife and I have no immediate plans to move to Idaho, we will be visiting as often as we can. As for riding, we like single track and trails, and fire roads can be fun some times as well, but we don't ride tracks. I think we may have done the Talache-Bayview ride, or at least some of it a few years ago. It was awesome!
  10. I have been up a few times, and have friends that live there. Seems pretty nice to me. The riding I have done up there has been great. However, it is nice to have a local guide to keep me out of trouble. Thanks Coffee. My main concern is the jetting leaning out and causing the bike to get hot. So I just wondered what people run for jetting in Northern Idaho. A few years ago took our pair of crf450 s up and 1 of them just kept dumping coolant on a long ride. Of course the other crf decided it wanted a valve adjustment in the middle of the same ride, had to bump start it the rest of the day.
  11. My wife and I will be heading to Athol, Idaho this Saturday, May 12th until the 30th to spend a couple of weeks working on our new property. We will be bringing our bikes, and I am looking for jetting thoughts and recommendations on places to ride and people to ride with. We have 2006 Husqvarnas, a TE450 & TE510, with JD jet kits installed. Coming from Santa Barbara CA, mild temps and most riding done from 0 feet to 4000 feet, any recommendations on jetting set up for the trails in Northern ID? I believe elevation starts at 2400 feet near our place and goes up, not sure what the temperature range would be. What trails can you recommend in Northern Idaho, near Sandpoint and Post Falls? Any one available for mid-week rides? Chuck
  12. This can also happen if you drop the bike on its right side, especially if dropped on a hill side, with the seat of the bike towards the down side of the hill.
  13. 510

    Your Best Husky Pic From 07!!!

    Today in Santa Barbara CA
  14. My wife and I ride for fun, but I do 90% or more of all maintenance and repairs myself. Even when we owned DRZ's and CRF's I would not take them to the local stealership for anything. If I need something done that is beyond my abilities there are no less than three independent shops near by that work on everything. Plus now with our Huskys I can get all parts shipped to me faster than I could get Honda parts at the local dealer. So I guess my point is, between the Internet and fast shipping for parts and local independent shops for repairs, why should having a dealer of any particular make near by be an issue? Because something might break during the 30 day warranty??
  15. Cycra Pro-bends are the best! I use them on both my bike and my wife's. Each set we have is about 4 or 5 years old and have been mounted on 3 different bikes. Here are some pics of the wife's bike after a 35 to 40 MPH high side. Replaced the bars and re-installed the same set of guards.