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    prayer needed

    I am sorry for your loss and we will pray for you and your family, I hope you can find some comfort soon.
  2. midnightrider

    recovered ktm

    A while back I posted about my ktm that had been seized by the city of Hesperia . Good news I was able to convince the city not to forfeit my bike but to return it to me for a fee of $2000 and a agreement that if I am ever caught riding on private property closed area, that I automatically forfeit my bike guess where I wont be riding anymore.Thanks to everyone who gave their advice and opinion and be careful where your riding while in San Bernardino and Riverside county's there are some bad ohv laws in these two counties.
  3. midnightrider

    The skinny on KTM abduction in Hysteria,Ca

    which kind?
  4. midnightrider

    The skinny on KTM abduction in Hysteria,Ca

    hey thats what i was going to say
  5. midnightrider

    The skinny on KTM abduction in Hysteria,Ca

    should of could of and now i wish i would have and i am sure you know what asphalt does to a off road tire but on the other hand a tire sure is cheaper than replacing the bike i have to hold myself somewhat responsible for this because 1. the bike is plated i could have kept on the street it would have been a 6-8 mile ride on asphalt though 2. i had the wrong mindset in thinking that if i were ever stopped the first offense would be a warning ticket etc
  6. Sorry to leave ya hanging,I should have posted when I had more time: On Feb 25th I started out from my house in the city of Hesperia for a loop to a local lake (silverwood) Hesperia is it is a rural community in the high dez off of the I 15 that is quickly becoming urbanized by anti ohv scum,that have taken over a nice place to live. I had been doing this ride for years never a problem.AsI had said in my first post my bike a 03' KTM 450 exc that is plated was confiscated for being a public nuisance,Hesperia has a ordinance, 8.32.22 that reads any vehicle that is being operated on private property without owners written permission is declared a public nuisance. The private property that I am referring to is about a 100 acre piece of barron dez that is at the best of my knowledge is owned by southern California Edison after the crime I looked for some signs and was able to find 2 neither one of them are evan close to where I entered. The signs read no trespassing no dumping and a picture of southern cal Edison logo and caution underground cable.This is on the outskirts of the city just a small section of the loop it takes no more than 45 seconds to go through it this area is what they are crying about this is where hesperia sheriffs on stock klx's say they waived me over to them but I kept going at a high rate of speed I know what your thinking but read on this is where in their own words the high speed pursuit started from. I did see a 2-3 bikes on the north side of property but they were to far away to I.D them as cops,these bikes have no siren flashing red lights or evan a flashing headlight,and I admit that I was moving along at a pretty good clip but not ditch the fuzz flat out race mode anyway this section it turns into a graded dirt road with a few houses on it and i slowed down for about a 1/2 mile until the road ended and turned into dez I was then on some single track I pick up the pace some may be a 1/2 mile into this trail just out of habit I look behind me and i see a moving spek of green it looked like maybe he was on the trail or was at the end of graded road I didn't think much about it I see people riding out here all the time I keep on going my mouth piece on my camel pack starts to drip ice water on my leg damn kid I tell him dont touch my stuff so I slow down almost stop to squeeze the mouth piece opening open and shut a few times that usually works and it did so I grab a handful off and running for about 1mile I look back to see if the green spek is still there and he is about 300yds or so away it had rained about a week earlier so my dust was not to bad but there was some so between that and the distance I still cant ID the bike or the rider as the law I can see the rider standing up on the pegs it did look as though he might be trying to get my attention or just trying to get a better view of the area hard to say maybe I know him might be someone to ride with so I slow down start drinking some nice ice cold water mmmm good stuff I was at that point going 15-20mph just when I look back to see if the rider had caught up i didn't hear him because iam listening to some old stones on my DVD player thats stuffed into my camel pack pocket.and before I could even react super cop jumps off his bike gets a hold of my upper body like he was making a tackle and slams me down on the ground face first with him on top of me and my bike on top of my leg jumping up and down on me like he was on a bull in a rodeo while cuffing me and all pissed off yelling iam a sheriff and your under f-----------ing arrest your bike is confiscated and you wont get it back well the truth is I have a short fuse and I think I was probally more pissed than he was I just couldn't help myself I started cussing back at him to get his----------off me(yes I knew that was a mistake but I had lost it he ignored me and started grinding his knee into the middle of my back in a way it kind of tickled in the next few seconds I got a hold of myself and stoped cussing and moving and he did let me get my leg with the 2 half doller size holes in it out from under my bike and lets me sit up his partner shows up on another bike and then after him a cruiser drives up on a near by service road supercop tells me he has been trying to catch up with me for the last 5 miles I tell him I didn't know he was a sheriff until you had the cuffs on me and I was able to see that his bike had a sheriffs emblem on both sides and one on the front of the plastic headlight shrowd he didn't believe me he said he saw me look back several times which is about 1/2 true you know the story I was then arrested taken to jail booked for a PC148 and released about 4 hours later this was on I think a Saturday. Sunday I call the impoundment yard their closed,next morning I make the famous coughing sneezing phone call to my work and grab 300 from the atm go to the impoundment yard and wait for them to open.find out that I need to get a release from the sheriffs station down the street I go there tell them who I am and what I want they tell me I have to wait for the traffic sargent to come on duty I knew then I was getting the run around called back same thing blabablabla I got a hold of a lawyer who I had take over the correspondence because my ears were getting red again didn't want to make things worst I got a letter from the impoundment yard saying that I could get it back if i payed 30 days of impoundment fees a little over 1500 I got the cash went to the impoudment yard and was told the sheriffs department picked the bike up 2 days ago I called the attorney told him about the notice I received and said that the tow yard probally didn't no what the sheriffs were doing is why I got the notice he then tells me that he had been told by the sheriff that he needed to talk to the city attorney about it the rest of the story is just more BS and this was the first offense in the 11 years I have lived hear this was the first time I had ever talked to a Hesperia cop pretty crazy I know wheather anyone believes it or not bottom line is DONT RIDE IN HESPERIA
  7. midnightrider

    high desert city confiscated ktm

    hey everyone sorryfor the lack of detail I will explain in more detail when I have more time I need to get back to jumping through hoops for payday
  8. midnightrider

    high desert city confiscated ktm

    it's amazing how brave some people get when communicating in a forum!
  9. midnightrider

    high desert city confiscated ktm

    I had my plated KTM confiscated by the city of Hesperia for riding on private property first offense I took the city to court and lost because the city has a ordinance that says any vehicle riding on private property is without owner permission can be considered a public nuisance and that is how the city got away with it . I could tell the judge really did not want to make the decision to deny my request for the return of my property but said as harsh as the penalty seems he had no choice to deny it because the city has a written ordinance as I stated above.My attorney argued that this violated my constitutional rights .we as in me and you have a right to our property and also have a right too due process I was supposed to have a hearing within 48 hrs of my bike being confiscated it never happened My bike was taken Feb 25th I had to hire a attorney and file a TRO which is a request to the court for the immediate return of my property,I just went to court April 12th.The judge said it was not in the courts realm of authority to determine if my rights were violated or if the ordinance is constitutionally sound. I don't want to give up here I need to find out what court has the authority to determine the civil rights issue my attorney seems to be running low on gonads, if anyone can guide me in the right direction please let me know post or e-mail me . ride fast and ride smart! THANKS
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    apple valley/ Victorville area.

    I knew the area was kind of roll the dice
  11. midnightrider

    apple valley/ Victorville area.

    yep it really happened that way!
  12. midnightrider

    apple valley/ Victorville area.

    Here is a word of caution DO NOT RIDE IN THE CITY LIMITS OF HESPERIA I live in Hesperia I was riding my street legal 03' KTM 450 EXC on the out skirts of the city I left from my house and was planning on making a loop to a near by lake (silverwoood) I have been making the ride for 7-8 yrs with no problems from the law I was cruising along at 0a pretty good clip when I happened to look behind me i saw a bike headed inthe same direction as me so i slow down to let the guy catch up maybe someone to ride with i thought before i even turned back agian to see where the guy was this nut case jumps off his bike on me knocks me to the ground as he is handcuffing me he is screaming i am a sheriff and your underarrest your bike is being confincated and your not getting it back the whole time this is happening my leg is pinned under my bike and the a---- hole is jumping up and down on my back like he was riding a bull actualy i was kind of impressed how he did that anyway he finally lets me up my leg has a couple of nice footpeg holes in it but i am to pissed to even feel any pain to make the story quick the city of hesperia has had my bike since feb 25th they are saying i was riding in a closed area and that my bike is therfore a public nuisance they are trying confinscate it permantly oh yhea the reason for a- hole knocking me off my bike was he said he had been trying to catch me for 5 mi what a turd ! I was also arrested for pc 148 (evading barney five) I go to court this wed 4-10 my lawyer says they cant do it my court date for the pc 148 violation was 4-4-06 i didint have to go my attorney went and said that they never filed the charges i hope it goes that way on the 10th and yes hesperia has police on dirt bikes but there stock klx's the guy probally thinks he really caught me on the thing, i feel like someone kicked my butt and stole my bike so dont ride in hesperia.