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  1. I have been riding/racing off road and (now) never have time to get to the dez. I was thinking of converting my 2006 TE 450 to an SM bike. What do i need to do, to at least have some fun riding on the street? Thanks!! DG
  2. Sucks, but i have to part with my TE. 2006 TE450 only has about 800 miles, CA registered, rejet, new cycra hand guards, new maxxis IT rear. How much should this be listed for? DG
  3. that's it thanks!
  4. What is the shop in Orange County that makes the skid plate?? Is there skid plate still the best for a 2006 TE450? DG
  5. Did the screen fall back inside? I had that problem and had to remove it with a needle nose pliars.....it took a while and I ended up damaging the screen. DG
  6. Guys: During the 90 mile ride for kids last Sunday, I noticed more than 3 times I had trouble getting the bike into 1st gear. I was tapping down on the shifter and it seemed like it would not want to go out of neutral until I came to a stop and tried again. Has anyone else run across this? What could it potentially be? DG
  7. What about Sunday 6/11 Ride For Kids? http://www.ride4kids.org/sanBernardino/index.htm I think I am going to go. DG
  8. Thanks for the post. I have it all together, but just can't quite seem to get the crossbar to line up. I will keep trying. Thanks! DG
  9. I just started to install the Cycra probends on my 06 TE450 and what do u know the exact place where the handlebar mount goes is the exact place for the crossbar mount. Now maybe I am a little slow, but is there a way around this? I am pretty sure I need the corssbar..help! DG
  10. Before I put together a dual sport ride through the forest, I am going to scout it out once more. Does anyone near OC or Corona want to run the forest with me on Sunday 5/21? MUST HAVE a license plate. DG
  11. A really fun ride that is super easy is the Mojave Trail from Barstow, CA to Avi, AZ. It is about 220 miles with great scenery. One thing, you must have a license plate..and a chase vehicle to meet you for gas. The Lucerne, Couger Buttes run to Slash X cafe is always fun! DG
  12. $109.00 http://www.monkeybuttparts.com/pk4/store.pl?section=535 The ywere out of stock and I do not want to wait so I may just go get the Cycra...on the same page there. DG
  13. Thanks guys. I just ordered the Acerbis Multiplo Enduro in blue. The deflector is interchangeable wit h the biger "Touring" kind, so best of both worlds! http://www.acerbis.com/p106_handguard/7838.html DG
  14. Dumb question, but when trying to get hand guards for the 06 TE450, what size bar is the stock bar? What size do I select for my hand guard clamps? DG
  15. the horn was even more of a crowd pleaser. DG