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  1. Reckon, I have a 06 525 and felt the same way about the power but once i got the jetting tuned in and went to a 52t rear sprocket the bike is a whole different animal! The jetting was the main issue Iam at 600ft and went with 48 pilot 182 main and raised the needle two clips air screw at 1 1/4 turns (very snappy throttle response) The 52t sprocket helped with the slow tec stuff and the bike still will hit 85mph
  2. YEP!!!! Mine broke the weld to the frame. Plus they are too short had to rig up a extension to make the bike stand up on a soft surface. &%$#@! is right!!!
  3. 06 525 EXC, Put on the 14-52 last weekend and it is awesome! Went with 48 pilot 182 main and raised the needle two clips. Runs like a scalded dog. Had a hard time figuring out just the right jetting but I think it's there. Very snappy throttle
  4. Thanks guys I have decided to go with the 14 - 52 combo! Will post my thoughts after a little ripping in the saddle.
  5. 06 525 EXC I run mostly trails and woods some gravel roads, I'm thinking of changing the gearing from a 14t front sprocket to a 13t. I don't really need a 100mph trail bike but mt concern is that I will loose traction with more torque? Love the low end power is too much a bad thing?
  6. Switching the lighting was a piece of cake, a switch for the high and low on the headlight, add a switch on the rear brakes and splice in to tail light (tail light has a 1157 bulb) add horn and mirror and BAMM your road ready!
  7. POWER WILL NOT BE A PROBLEM !The 525 has a lot of low end torque and the top end is geared for 100mph
  8. POWER WILL NOT BE A PROBLEM ! The 525 has a lot of low end torque and the top end is geared for 100mph
  9. I have a 06 525 and it is plenty loud , I have never had someone tell my they couldn't hear me pass them!!! If you think it isn't loud let a friend ride it and you stand back and listen. P.S. ORANGE ROCKS!!
  10. And No I Didn't Land That Wheelie
  11. I have a 06 525 EXC, Love it !!! Tons of low end power, Will loft the front tire 1-4th with the twist of the grip!
  12. 06 525 exc 7500 out the door inc. Michigan 6% sales tax
  13. I have the same bike (06 exc 525) and the same problem. Have you cured yours yet and if so how did it turn out?
  14. 2006 exc 525 need jetting for 800ft.elv.