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  1. urbanxer

    exhaust comparo

    Really wanna uncork the 01 650 this season after years if thinking about it. My dilemma is the GSXR muffler conversion involves a mid pipe that's over $200. Then you add the price of the used can (can't find a Ti one anywhere) and your approaching the price of a Q4 slip on. I don't want loud, just lighter and a little less restrictive. I guess I'm just looking for someone to say "go ahead and spend the three bills on an FMF". Any other viable options are welcome. Thanks.
  2. urbanxer

    Funny motorcycle jokes

    Parts... "do you guys have purple helmits"? ummmm
  3. Don't hate me, I'm sure it's been asked a million times before but here it goes. Whats the difference between an XR and A CRF 70, say '03 or '04 vintage. Thanks
  4. urbanxer

    wheel size crf 80?

    Well faster than waiting for somebody to do it for me, I went to motorcyclistonline.com and the answer to my own question 14" rear 16" front. And my wife says I'm lazy...
  5. urbanxer

    wheel size crf 80?

    My 6 y.o. boy is outgrowing his crf 50. It has 10" wheels front and rear. He rode a bike with 14's and it seems to fit him fine. I'm thinking about a crf 80 for him and was wondering about the wheel size. Maybe some thing in an '04 or '05 vintage. Thanks.
  6. urbanxer

    why do smokers ting?

    Kevin Cameron (TDC Cycle World Magazine) has written a good article recently. He relates that the sound is mostly a function of the speed at which the exhaust valve closes. Of course on a two stroke the exhaust valve is essentially the piston. Maybe I can find the article. Interesting guy K.C. Any other K.C. fans on here. http://www.amazon.com/Top-Dead-Center-Cameron-Magazine/dp/0760327270
  7. urbanxer

    Cheap silencer repack

    anyone have any luck drilling or grinding out rivets in a stock silencer repacking and putting back together?
  8. Anybody know when Yamaha changed its front caliper. Short story, ’01 250f forks were not rebuildable, found 1998 yz250 forks on ebay, rebuilt than realized caliper mount is different. The ’01 has a 240mm rotor and the caliper has about 100mm between mount bolts. The replacement forks have about 80mm between mount bolts. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. urbanxer

    fork interchangability

    Thanks Ze
  10. Does anyone know which Yamaha forks are interchangeable. Specifically I have a 2001 YZ 250f. I know the forks from my '98 125 fit. I assume if the outer tubes are the same diameter (46mm(?)) the axle diameter and overall length are the same they will fit. A lot of ebay stuff says fits 1998-2003 yz 125-426. Thanks.
  11. urbanxer

    Finally got my 2010 yz450f

    hate to tell you this but I think they put the motor in there backwards
  12. urbanxer

    Gotta love vintage MX comercial!

    the helmit cam was better than the one on yesterdays supercross
  13. urbanxer

    Reed/Bubba smack talkin!!!

    Thanks Chad for making SX even more exciting, I want to see someone beat you so bad!!