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  1. I have the Sicass Racing setup and broke the underfender on the first ride. The lighting works great, but the underfender does not provide enough support and the fender wobbles around on nasty trails. After some research, I am going with the Euro fender and LED light. The Euro fender provides the support for the fender. At least I can use the flush mounts from the Sicass kit. Just my $.02.
  2. I felt the same way after getting off a friends YZ250. The WR is never going to feel the same, but moving the forks up about a 1/4" in the triple clamps did make a difference. I didn't notice any handling issues at higher speeds (60 mph in the dirt), but I also have a steering stabilizer. When you move the forks, make sure that you only torque the clamp bolts to spec. Any tighter and the suspension will suffer. Good luck.
  3. I found that on my bike, I have maybe 2-3 miles on reserve. I pretty much use the lay down the bike on it's left side technique as the reserve. I'm looking for gas at about 80 miles.
  4. I run the Maxxis Desert IT on the rear and love it. I have been running the Maxxis on the front but a buddy has been raving about the Michelin Starcross MH3. Ordered that and am going to give it a try.
  5. I have my '05 plated in AZ. Head light, brake light, mirror (1) and horn. Also need insurance.
  6. Agree with the others. I'm 6'3" and have an '05 450. Bar risers allowing the bars to be mounted farther forward, upright bend on new bar, Fastway pegs lowered and Gutz tall seat. It opens up the bike like you wouldn't believe.
  7. Go for the GPS Map 60CSX. It's more versatile than the Zumo. You won't be dissapointed.
  8. I used to ride with a fanny pack, but I didn't like the weight on my lower back. Mounted a Dirt-Bike-Gear medium bag on the rear and love it. The thing is bullet-proof. Yes, it does hit you in the a@$ once in a while in the whoops, but it was worth it to get the tools off my back. I also run a Moose Racing front fender bag on long rides with a tube and irons in it. It does make the turning feel slightly "heavy" but having that tube has been worth it on more than a few occasions. With it strapped down tight and zip tied to the front end, I have never had it fall off.
  9. I don't have a picture of the mount (I use the RAM) but you might want to consider a hardwire kit from CycoActive ( You'll never have to worry about the batteries again.
  10. I was having the same shut-off problems with my etrex. Called the guys a and had them set me up with a "hardened" Garmin adapter (since the etrex is a 3v, you must use the adapter) and 12v cigarette lighter adapter. Used dialectic grease on every connection, wound everything in electrical tape and mounted it. I'm heading out Thursday to test it, but am a little skeptical about the adapter holding up. I also put a thin foam insert into the etrex battery compartment and coated the terminals with dialectic grease. If this doesn't work, I'm giving up and throwing the thing in my pocket. Hope this helps.